SEO is Marathon Not a Sprint

SEO is Marathon Not a Sprint

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All websites want to achieve a high search engine ranking but overzealous ones could cause more harm than good. Massive SEO campaigns that flood a site with a large amount of backlinks may result in overloading. While it’s true that these links help improve credibility, quality is just as important as quantity. An unnatural spike in backlinks may not help in gaining the top organic search position. In fact, Google may flag this as suspicious. The algorithm may consider this as spammy behavior which will lead to undesirable consequences. There are better ways to do search engine optimization.

Excessive Backlinks

The definition of excess depends on the age of the site and the number of backlinks created for the campaign. A new one usually won’t have many links pointing to it. Some cheap SEO companies provide cheap services because they their methods did not take a great deal of effort. They created these questionable backlinks which backfired as search engines have blocked many of them. This is not a sustainable mode of climbing the ranks. Patience is a virtue even in the virtual world. Do things slowly but surely.

Undesirable Consequences

If this is what happened to your site, then you may have to do everything all over again with a fresh perspective. This will cost a bit of money but it may be necessary o get the results you want. Sometimes the links holding you down can be traced and can be removed. Just contact the site owners and make the request. If this isn’t possible, then you have two options. The first is to give up organic ranking and pay for ads to get the top spot. The second is to proceed with a campaign using new domain name. This time do things right and start slow so as not to arouse suspicion.

Suggestions for Improvement

If you want suggestions for a better campaign, then here is one effective approach: an organic development of a solid foundation before anything else. There are certain things that Google expects from a new site so these should be prioritized. They include listing in various online directories, creating a blog, and establishing social network pages. Everyone is on social media these days. It’s where conversations take place and opinions are shaped. Posts can become viral if they are shared extensively in these networks. All of these can create backlinks to profile pages in a natural manner.

It is important to build the number of backlinks gradually with strategies that are tightly paced especially in the beginning. Once the site has aged a bit, then it may start having spikes in the number of links. Use a number of methods of get the results you want such as consistent blogging, additional directory listings, article write-ups, and social media posts.

There are three essential social networks today: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Others such as Instagram and Snapchat may be useful as well if they are used wisely. Creativity is key in making the most of these platforms. Certain types of business work particularly well with these highly visual networks. Analyze your products and services to see which of these would provide the best returns. Go where your potential audience is and post things that would attract them. Make sure that you optimize the profiles with relevant information about your brand and your offerings. Create unique content so that people will have a reason to follow you. Search engine optimization can be expensive because of this requirement but it is the only way to go. To do otherwise would be pointless. Full-time writers have to be hired to write unique posts to be published at regular intervals.

Website Assistance

All of these can be overwhelming. If you are not comfortable doing all of the small business SEO by yourself, you should speak with an expert. You may also give it a try but research and results can take time.

SEO is a Massive Undertaking

If you ever run into trouble, then simply pick up the phone and get a professional to give you advice. Search engine optimization is massive undertaking. There are a lot of factors that influence ranking and all of them can only affect the final results by a tiny bit. You cannot simply focus on one or the other. The best way to move up is to get a High Authority website linking directly to you in an organic manner. It should be from an industry that is related to yours with content that matches your posts. Other links can come from sources such as other people’s blogs and other legitimate sites.

What an SEO Expert Should Do=

Experts in this field may have differing opinions on what works best but there are things that are generally accepted. For example, the onsite elements must be primed first before venturing in offsite activities. These optimizations will help search engine spiders make sense of the pages when they do pass by. Examples of these include URLs, title tags, headings, meta descriptions, alt tags, and content keywords. Meta tags were previously abused with keyword stuffing forcing Google to change its algorithm. It is still useful today provided that it is used sensibly. Social media integration must always be considered.

Waiting for Results

Clients are always eager to know when their site will reach the top of the result pages. The answer is never straightforward. For quick results, it is best to focus first on keywords for which there is less competition. Once these are locked, attention can shift to the high value keywords that get a great deal of traffic. An approach like this generates hits that rise slowly but surely. It is much better than aiming too high immediately and not getting any significant traffic for months. Learn how to crawl before you run and you will be more stable in the end.

Final Words

Search engine optimization requires significant investment. Those who are willing to put in the funds and the hard work will be duly rewarded. Do not depend on cheap SEO as it could lead to unfavorable results.

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