Segway Ninebot Mini Pro vs Glidecraft X100 hoverboard

Segway Ninebot Mini Pro vs Glidecraft X100 hoverboard

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The popularity of hoverboards has increased dramatically, but it’s easy to forget that the trend began with the introduction of Segways. However, these were deemed somewhat expensive on launch, and children and adults who were interested in such devices found that the initial Segway models were somewhat cumbersome. As such, when hoverboards were introduced to consumers, there were seen as a more fun and affordable equivalent.

There will always be arguments from either side as to whether the Segway Ninebot Mini Pro is better than the Glidecraft X100. Here we compare the two side-by-side and list the pros and cons offered by each particular model.2


While the Ninebot Mini Pro retails at $1000 or thereabouts, the Glidecraft X100 costs a mere $250.00. Of course, you shouldn’t make a purchase based on price alone, but it does show how much money can be saved by simply considering your requirements. The Ninebot Mini Pro does have some additional features, such as Bluetooth connectivity to Segway’s app, but this can be seen as a novelty rather than a necessity.6

Maximum Speed

The Segway Ninebot Mini Pro is able to attain a steady speed of 10 mph, whereas the Glidecraft X100 is able to maintain a speed of 10 mph once it gains momentum. While the Segway may be able to reach the speed within a quicker time frame, the Glidecraft X100 needs to build a steady momentum as the user of a Glidecraft X100 needs to retain their balance. The Segway Ninebot Mini Pro has a seat that users can retain their balance on, so it can be slightly easier to ride when reaching its top speed. In both instances, the Segway Mini Pro and the Glidecraft X100 may have differing speeds dependant on the terrain the devices are being used on.4

Weight Limit

Both the Ninebot Mini Pro and The Glidecraft X100 are neck and neck when it comes to the weight limit. Both models accommodate 220 lbs with ease. But when you consider that the Ninebot Mini Pro is almost four times the price of the Glidecraft X100, it’s a shame that there wasn’t a little more to show when it comes to accommodating a series of different users,

Of course, there can be more to riding a Segway or hoverboard than the weight alone. For example, those who are sporty and fit may weigh the same as someone who merely has a broader frame, but it will be their weight distribution that determines as to whether a hoverboard is for them.

The Ninebot Mini Pro does come included with a seat-cum-steering wheel, so it is able to disperse some of the weight, but overall, the limits are pretty accurate, give or take a few pounds.5


In some instances, it could be tempting to opt for the Ninebot Mini Pro, and while it does nothing wrong, it doesn’t offer anything more than the Glidecraft X100. The Ninebot Mini Pro can be seen as the Apple of hoverboards, and whether this is a good thing remains to be seen. The reason we say this is that because the Glidecroft X100 was able to meet the Ninebot Mini Pro’s abilities in most cases, at a fraction of the price.

The additional features include within the Segway Ninebot Mini Pro are impressive, but don’t warrant the high price being asked.3

And don’t be misled that the Glidecraft X100 is an inferior model, in fact, Glidecraft was one of the few companies to actually survived the recent hoverboard cull, so you know its ethics are in the right place.

Which one you decide to choose literally comes down to a couple of things. The first is whether you wish to use Bluetooth steering. If you do, then you can do so with the Ninebot Mini Pro with the aid of an app. However, it has to be said that this alone doesn’t really warrant the hefty price tag that comes included.  Dont forget to check out both the Segways and Glidecraft hoverboard website today

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