Secure your Joomla website from online Hackers!

Secure your Joomla website from online Hackers!

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Joomla is an open source platform for creating and developing websites. Nowadays,  online hackers are always online probing around thus you must always strive to make sure that your Joomla website is as safe as possible from those online criminals!

How can you make your Joomla site secure? To help, let’s go through some of the major steps you need to know so that your Joomla website is as safe and secure as possible online!

Secure Joomla website hosting

Host your valuable Joomla website on a secure server, make sure that your website hosting provider has a strong security policy implementedwithintheir website hosting servers. If they do not then you should consider moving your website to a more secure Joomla hosting provider, this is vital for the security of your data and site.

Securing a website that has been developed using the Joomla is a complicated task in itself. But you are not alone because any truly professional website hosting company will be able to offer help and advice when you have decided to move your site from one host to another. If not then you should be asking why not?

We recommend that you should insist on the following features from your hosting provider:

  • Firewall
  • Antivirus
  • Malware detection
  • Automated Joomla Updates
  • Multiple layered Server-side Security Filters
  • IP Address blocking
  • Quick response to Zero-day attacks

Many attacks on Joomla installations will look to leverage from security issues within Joomla extensions rather than in the Joomla 3 core files themselves.

Your Joomla installation should always be updated to the latest version, which naturally helps make life difficult for either newly identified or old exploits. Be aware that fixes or patches for security issues are often included within new Joomla releases.


Strong passwords and User names

Of course, this may seem completely obvious but try to implement the use of difficult to guess logins and very strong passwordswherever possible. ‘Password’, ‘Admin’, ‘User’ and ‘Administrator’ really are not good enough in this day and age!

Hide or restrict access to your Admin Page

You must restrict access, or hide the URL, to your admin page. This will make guessing where to go to logon more difficult.

Implement a Joomla security extension

Joomla security extensions are available such as OSE Secure, JHackGuard and RSFirewall.

Set your File Permissions correctly

Setting the right permissions for your Joomla files and their folders is important. In general you want to set your Joomla folders permission to 755, your Joomla Files permission to 644 and ‘configuration.php’file permission to 444. Do not set any 777 permission – because this would allow anyone access, not good for security!

Back-up your Joomla Site regularly

Backing up your Joomla installation regularly is an obvious but important step that you should take. Also, make sure that your backup and restore procedure is actually tested from time to time!

A secure and reliable backup and restore recovery procedure is a must if you hold any valuable or confidential information, or when making software changes and updates.

Run a Joomla security audit from time to time

You should consider running a Joomla security website audit from time to time. This will put you on the right path to being more secure online. Security auditsproduce an actionable list of potential security issues for you to address. Any potential issues that are identified can then be quickly resolved.

Whatever you decide to do with your Joomla installation, friendly and often professional help is always on hand should you need it. There is good advice available within the Joomla community if you decide to seek it out. Keep safe out there!

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