Satellite TV Vs. Cable TV, Which One Is Better For You

Satellite TV Vs. Cable TV, Which One Is Better For You

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When shopping for a TV service, you will find two options, satellite TV, and cable TV. Each has its own benefits and shortcomings depending on individual settings. Cable TV usually delivers television programs by use of radio frequency signals that are transmitted by coaxial cables. They can also be transmitted through light pulses through the fiber optic cables. Satellite television delivers programs via communication satellite. The communication is received by outdoor antennae which are normally a parabolic reflector. Below is a list of characteristics for each.


Cable TV

  • To get started, you will need a cable box and a remote. A junction box will be installed in your home by a technician.
  • Cable TV is not likely to be affected by weather, and therefore you can enjoy your programs even when there are adverse weather conditions. It is hard to loose reception unless the whole system goes down. People who live in areas that are usually windy and stormy can benefit from this feature. However, cable TV is usually not available in rural areas or locations that are far from the network provider.
  • Usually, cable TV is provided on a monthly contract. If you don’t want a long-term commitment, then you can consider cable TV. It’s also suitable for renters. If you are not sure how soon you are moving out of the rented house, it would be wise to go with cable TV. It can also come in handy for students who rent houses for a while, and then move during breaks. Basically, the month to month contract best suits those who don’t intend to stay in one place for a very long time. There is no point paying a whole year subscription if you will be using the TV for three months only.
  • In terms of cost, it is slightly expensive compared to satellite TV
  • Bundle services both internet and telephone are more common with cable TV. The bundles internet and TV packages are also cheaper with compared to satellite TV.


Satellite TV

  • To get started you need a dish and a box. The dish is installed on the roof by a technician.
  • It is much cheaper than cable TV. However, it can be disrupted when there is a bad weather. You might lose the channels on a stormy day. However it is not certain, but the likelihood is higher compared to cable TV. You can also get a waiver on installation cost if you choose a long term contract.
  • Satellite TV is provided as a yearly contract. This is a good plan for homeowners and anyone not planning to move in the short run.
  • Coverage is more extensive than cable TV since it can be installed anywhere. However, a common problem with satellite television is that the disc has to be installed facing south. This could be an issue for apartments with a shared wall on the southern side. If the disc is moved, it could also affect the signal. It is hard to install on buildings with any obstacles on the South side.

As shown above, each plan comes with its own benefits. You just need to access your situation and decide which plan will work best for you.

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