Ruptela Route and order optimisation review

Ruptela Route and order optimisation review

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The route and order optimisation solutions created by Lithuanian telecommunications company Ruptela are a way of managing logistics’ firms delivery and collection services. They are based on an innovative optimisation engine and real time monitoring/control system, and they allow companies full control of their route management tasks.

The route and order optimisation solutions are able to optimise the most profitable routes, cargo pick-up and delivery points, order assignment, vehicle capacity usage, employee time usage, general operation costs.

The solutions can be used with any of Ruptela GPS tracker and also requiresOptiTrack and TrustTrack systems.

The OptiTrack system is aimed based on three principles:

Cost Reduction: it generates the most rational and cost-effective routes, which lower the number of vehicles need to cover the route. This leads to lower fuel outlays, and reduced vehicle maintenance costs. Fewer drivers needed also means that their freed-up working time can be used more effectively and costs can be reduced on wages.

Complete control of tasks: OptiTrack’s simple user interface organises a business’ logistics tasks in a clear way, meaning that no tasks or orders are forgotten. In short, it eliminates human mistakes.

Client satisfaction: Ruptela has designed the OptiTrack system with the possibility to quickly re-plan routes when new orders appear or unexpected events happen. It also provides businesses with the chance to immediately inform clients when they should expect their delivery, which should make them satisfied.

The system functionality of the OptiTrack tracker is as follows:

Vehicle management: The vehicles trips starting and ending places, plus the vehicle’s type, quantity and weight.

Employee management: All information related to the employees, such as working hours, drivers’ licence duration, hourly cost, overtime accrued, skills.

Order management: New and repeated order management.

Auto order assignment: Order assignment based on profitability and time.

Route modification: Planned route changes management such as unplanned orders, traffic-jams, etc.

Real time monitoring: Real time vehicle usage parameters, which requires the TrustTrack system…

The TrustTrackis real time vehicle monitoring and control system developed by Ruptela, which is aimed at helping companies reduce vehicle operating costs, fuel consumption, and saving employees’ time.

The system can track a number of vehicle parameters such as driver behaviour, speed, route history and fuel consumption, and was designed to evaluate the vehicles of drivers’ efficiency and value to the company. The system is available in more than 20 languages and is mobile and tablet friendly.

Its system functionality is as follows:

Vehicle status monitoring: Real time vehicle usage parameters.

Vehicle activity history: A detailed and thorough history of how the vehicle has been used.

Activity reports: Different types of reports to monitor and evaluate the performance of both the driver and vehicle.

Event notifications: Information about planned and unplanned trip events.

Maintenance management: The technical and maintenance history of the fleet.

Time analysis: Reports on how the employees are spending their working time

Trips database: Information on vehicles’ and drivers’ trips.

Tachograph data review: This monitors the drivers’ working, driving and resting times – the installation of the device is required by legal acts in some countries, so it’s worth checking you need to before hand.

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