Run a More Efficient Salon with a Branded Application

Run a More Efficient Salon with a Branded Application

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Customer service and efficiency are the name of the game when it comes to a successful hair or beauty salon business, so why would you leave something so important to chance? When customers are happy and satisfied with your service they turn into repeat customers that increase your profits. They tell friends, family and colleagues about your business so that you increase your customer base through valuable word of mouth referrals.

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A business that is well patronised by happy customers is a thriving and successful business, and any new business owner knows that the first year is crucial to building relationships with customers and growing a quality reputation. When this happens, the chances of succeeding beyond the first year of business increase significantly.

The Software Backbone of a Successful Salon

Salons are really busy places. One that is disorganised and not well run can run into trouble very quickly, as customers become frustrated with the level of service and the efficiency of the business. A salon that is well run and well organised has a solid and reliable booking software system at its core. There are a number of reputable software makers in this space, and it is recommended that before investing in any salon software, you try it out with a demo.

Backbone of a Successful Salon

To maintain peak efficiency in your salon, this is what you should expect reliable software to do:

  • Appointments: Being able to enter customer appointments, change them and look them up is key to running any successful salon business. The software you use should offer an intuitive booking experience that functions quickly and with no fuss. A salon gets a lot of valuable business through walk-in traffic. The appointment function needs to be ready to go at a moment’s notice so you can offer customers the most seamless experience. Intuitive booking systems will also offer touch screen access to make them easy to train on and use.
  • Auto Back-Ups : You will have heard it time and time again: always back up your data! This is not something you want to leave to chance, but it is not something that the everyday person thinks about either. This is why you should look for a cloud back-up type service in reliable salon software. You need to retain customer contact information and other details for future reference, so don’t leave it to chance!

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  • Point of Sale Efficiency: The customer experience doesn’t end with a fast and intuitive customer booking system. Customers also expect that when they come to pay for a service, it is also fast and efficient, with the least amount of fuss and delay. A good point of sale system needs to be quick to access, intuitive to use, able to scan stock barcodes, and able to print out and process customer vouchers. These functions are all expected in the modern and fast world of retail and customer service.
  • Stock: As a new salon owner, it is also essential to keep track of your stock. This is where reliable salon software comes in handy. Being able to accurately track your stock levels means that you can run the business as efficiently as possible and with no extra and wasted costs.

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Running a Great Business with Great Software

Running a successful salon business is all about the customer experience. Part of this is running solid and reliable software that can track stock levels, record customer appointments, take care of data back-ups and provide a seamless experience for both staff and customers.

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