Benefits of Ruby on Rails  

Benefits of Ruby on Rails  

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Before we start discussing about the benefits of Ruby on Rails, you need to understand what is Ruby on Rails.

Introduction to Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails or simply Rails is basically a development tool for the web application framework. It is written in Ruby under the MIT License and is an open source software which means it is not only free to use but you can also help in making it better. It is cross platform that lets you not be stuck with a specific platform only. It provides you with the platform to build fantastic modern web applications as well as websites. It is a MVC (model-view-controller) framework and provides default structures for a database, a web service and web pages.

Talking about the benefits of Ruby on Rails

Current Big Players-You may not be aware of already having used applications built with Ruby on Rails, the most popular ones being- Soundcloud, Github, Shopify, Zendesk, Square, Ammabox, Groupon,,  etc. All these are built with Ruby on Rails and there are many more in this list.

Active Community– Being an open source software, Ruby on Rails Development Company has an active community which means quick solutions and answers to queries from expert programmers which in turn results in cost effective and timely development.

Saves Money– Choosing this as the working platform would not be a problem for whether you being the project lead or the client. It can cut significant chunks out of your web project making its development less expensive, so less investment expenses. The framework is 100%free and runs on Linux, which is also an open source. Seeing from a developer’s perspective, it is easy to work with also.

Saves Time– From the perspective of Custom Software Development Company, Ruby on Rails have the capability to turn some of the developers from lumbering sloths to rapid code monkeys. As mentioned above it is easy to handle compared to other technologies plus it allows you to move from planning stages to actual development very quickly.

Expressiveness– Unless you are using COBOL as your programming language, rest is close to English. It uses internal DSL which means you need not use an external parser.


We have mentioned only few of the pros of using Ruby on Rails and if we continue, the list will be going on and on.  It has cons too but they are based on one’s choice and how and where they use Rails. However all of the pros are promising enough to convince entrepreneurs to still keep using Ruby on Rails for their products. You may get the feel that it is mainly focused to cater the needs of larger companies but it is as well suited for startups or local businesses. It is advisable you explore this option and try developing your next app with Ruby on rails and let us know how your experience was.

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