Rewriting the Rules of Advertising Success

Rewriting the Rules of Advertising Success

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Studies working to identify the qualities that lead to advertising success have recently reemerged and become far more visible as advertisers grapple with the continuous development of the digital environment. The internet has become a primary leisure and working space for various target audiences and is only expected to become a greater part of everyday life in the future. The online environment has altered the expectations audiences have when interacting with advertising and brands. Advertisers have had to innovate new means of communicating with their target audiences and gain their attention in an environment where hundreds of advertising messages surround them.


With the rise of the internet ‘native advertising’ has become an established concept. Native advertising is sponsored content which is relevant to consumers and is not interruptive, but looks and feels similar to its editorial environment. This kind of advertising takes many forms and appeals to advertisers who are attempting to engage audiences which increasingly show ‘banner blindness’ and a preference for seeking out information themselves.

One organization which provides an examples of successful, innovative advertising for the digital age is Executive Channel International. Executive Channel International is the parent company of theExecutive Channel Network which operates a network of digital screens in major office buildings in the United Kingdom, France, Holland and Australia. The aim of the organization is to facilitate meaningful communication between advertisers and executive office workers. They have experienced phenomenal success so far, with Executive Chairman Bruce Fink recently announcing the appointment of two new non-executive directors and one executive director to further guide the company’s growth. Bruce Fink has expressed that Executive Channel Network is expecting to expand further in the next few years.

Executive Channel’s digital network integrates advertising into the lives of executive office workers. Their success can be attributed to a number of qualities.

Speak to your audiences interests

Executive Channel conducts research into the lives of executive office workers continually. The aim being to understand their motivations behind their purchasing decisions as well as the products and experiences they are interested in. This enables Executive Channel to provide advertising that this niche audience will be interested in.

Be Entertaining

In an urban environment, individuals will be exposed to hundreds if not thousands of advertising messages weekly. Advertisements have to stand out. One means of doing this is to engage with digital media, which displays dynamic, high resolution images and clips.

Be Relevant

Another vital rule of modern advertising is to sit naturally within the environment. 75% of respondents to Walk a Mile’s survey regarding advertising indicated that digital advertising should not appear forced. Executive Channel does this by integrating advertising with relevant industry information and news, as well as ensuring advertising is relevant to executive workers.

These three qualities can be applied by any advertising organization as the foundation of campaigns to engage their niche audience.

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