With only the reviews of LifeLocks, my identity was saved

With only the reviews of LifeLocks, my identity was saved

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I had been reading LifeLock reviews and came to knew why an identity is so much important. I used to do much shopping online because I was not having much time to go out. I am really busy at work and on holidays I like to stay at home. When I first started to buy kinds of stuff online I was happy that I will get products at my door. This is the basic of any online website and also need of people like me nowadays. I was too much involved in shopping that I was becoming more like a shopaholic. The one thing I wasn’t aware that I had given much information about myself while purchasing online.

One day I got a call from an unknown person that he has some exciting offers. I asked what the offers are and he told me that if I do shopping for $50 I can get extra $50 stuff for free. I was excited and was ready to buy some stuff. I asked about the sites name so I can check which products I can buy. He told me that it is an exclusive store only for few people and for that he needs some of my details. I asked about what details he wants. Then I was told that I need to give my full bank and card details to him. He also said that after giving the details he will certainly make a free account and I will get products of $100 for free.


It surely ticked my mind that he is someone else that wants to do something else. I had heard about these kinds of frauds from LifeLock reviews. This time, I was ready and I asked him from where you got my number. He only said that he had numbers of many online buyers just like me. I told him straight that I won’t be giving him any details.  He was really making a fuzz that if I lose this opportunity then I won’t get any advantage.

That was the last time I had a conversation like that. Now I still do online shopping but only when I really need some products. Thanks to the reviews from LifeLocks that helped me out to understand a situation that aroused in front of me. Soon I will be using the paid services of LifeLock and still I am using the free version.

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