Resealing your driveway can make it last years longer  

Resealing your driveway can make it last years longer  

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Do you have an asphalt driveway? Is it a few years old? Maybe you have noticed some little stress cracks or the color has just faded from a shiny black to a dull grey. You may even have some grass or other weeds sprouting through the cracks and around the edges.

According to Richmond VA Paving, one of the Paving companies in Richmond VA, If you do notice these issues then you should act as quick as possible before minor issues become major ones (and more expensive ones). You may wonder why it’s so important to reseal your driveway or parking lot and not put it off. Well, the main reason is water damage and plant damage. If you live in a cold climate it’s mostly ice you have to worry about. You see, water seeps into these cracks and then freezes which will speed up the damage your driveway is being destroyed. Soon, a little crack will become a big crack and that big crack will soon lead to broken chunks.


If you live in a warmer area (or an area with a warm summer) then the water can seep into the crevasses and little plant seeds will find their way into the cracks and soon plants will be steadily pushing their roots under your driveway and into your wallet.

RVA Paving, a parking lot paving company said that the reason that releasing is so important is because it creates a waterproof barrier so that water cannot penetrate underneath the surface which means that water cannot freeze and seeds cannot take root.

Also, releasing driveways and parking lots can prevent more costly asphalt and concrete  repairs or even replacements. If you wait too long you may have to rip up your entire driveway/parking lot which will cost 5 times the cost of a quick resealing job.

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