Reputation management: Jays Headphones

Reputation management: Jays Headphones

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Reputation management firm has come across an interesting company to help create awareness in the online community; specifically, social media. The company is Jays from Sweden. They are specialized in earphones and headphones. Their earphones are quite popular and are constantly making sales. However, their new headphones, the u-Jays, are a fantastic piece of machinery but the problem is not many people know the existence of these headphones.


Online reputation management firm has contacted audiophiles to conduct a thorough and honest review of these headphones. Most reviews were amazingly positive; they all loved the sound that came from these headphones. Many stated when listening to their favorite artists, they felt as though they were listening to them for the first time. The sound is well balanced to the point they heard new guitar parts or soft background vocals, which they never have in the past. The design is well thought out and executed. They designed the ear cups and cushions to work together in order to create an acoustic sound. The ear cushions are exchangeable, once worn down, it’s as easy as a twist to remove and replace with new ear cushions. The headband was designed to be sturdy yet flexible. It was made to conform to any size head and to have a fitted silhouette on any head shape. When the headband is snug, it helps to prevent sound leakage and retaining a powerful bass. It’s also accompanied by a remote where you can answer/decline calls with volume control buttons. Also, jays have an app for any device where you can assign certain actions to certain amounts of clicks. For example, you can make your volume control buttons acts as a button to skip tracks by doing a double click. The core of the construction is metal for longevity. Since it’s a one-piece unit, it is quite durable and hard to destroy. Jays knew people want a strong headphone, because accidents happen and they don’t want to buy Skull candy as a replacement for u-Jays. The headphones are priced fairly well for what they offer, which is at $199.99 USD. The interesting thing about the headphone is that it’s an actual premium headphone, which is usually priced around $350.00 like their competition, beats headphones. These headphones are terrible for the price since it’s all made from plastic and can be destroyed very easily. Also, the sound is terrible for a headphone within the price range of $400.00. Beats is about marketing and not manufacturing; hence why the headphone community detest these headphones. Reputation management is having a smooth time posting real reviews on certain sites.

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