How to Remove iCloud Lock any Apple device

How to Remove iCloud Lock any Apple device

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The popularity of the Apple devices increases drastically from day to day, as they offer features which are appealing to its users. One of the most appealing and attractive features that Apple offers to its users is the ICloud Lock storage. This is a place where you can store your personal data, or your favorite music, videos, photos and so on and keep them safe form an unauthorized use. On the other hand you can access to them from anywhere, you just need to create your account with your username and password. So, if this feature is always enabled, you can get access to your data by simply logging to your account. But, sometimes it may also cause big problems. For example, if you, for some reason, forget your username and password, and the feature is enabled, you won’t be able to access your device anymore. And what you should do next would be to try to find a solution to removed it.

How to Remove iCloud Lock

The how to remove iCloud lock may happen to all models of iPhones, no matter if you possess iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ or iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c. There are not many options about what you could do if you have this problem. The first thing you will get in mind is to go to the nearest Apple store and ask them for help. If you do this you will have to wait for a few days while they send your phone for service and then return it to you and of course you should pay money for their service. And the second alternative solution is to use the Internet and find an online solution. Nowadays, the most popular solution for this issue is the how to remove iCloud lock tool, which is free and easy for use.

Guide for using ICloud Lock Removal service

This how to remove iCloud lock connects directly to the Apple’s database and removes the lock permanently. All you should provide is the proper IMEI code of your iPhone. The process is very simple and you are provided with a detailed explanation and step by step guide. The process may las from 24-48 hours. The difference between using this online service and asking for professional help is that you will safe your time and money. So, download this tool and solve your problem immediately.

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