Reasons For Businesses to Switch to LED Lighting

Reasons For Businesses to Switch to LED Lighting

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Today going green and getting environmentally conscious as well as being energy efficient is increasingly getting a way of life. This holds true for lighting as well. Today, nearly all homes and particularly all business houses are increasingly looking forward to cutting on their lighting cost and reduce their carbon footprint. This is getting realized by increasing use of various LED lights like tubi led t8, lampadine led, barre led, etc. In case, if you are still not sure, the below mentioned reasons will convince you to switch your business to LED lighting.

  • The most advantageous and convincing reason to switch to LEDs is their extremely low energy consumption. They are known to consume about 85% less energy than traditional lighting which proves beneficial both for the environment and business. Low power consumption equates to low costing and more savings.
  • LEDs have high average longevity of about 10 years. Even then they require replacement only because their light fades. Less usage increases their life span. This is really cost saving as traditional lightings require frequent changes.Image result for Reasons For Businesses to Switch to LED Lighting
  • Compared to traditional lights, LEDs are extremely safe. Since they use low voltage of just about 12-24 volts; the fire risk is highly lessened than an ordinary light and particularly neon lighting. LEDs do not emit any UV and emit so little heat that they can be safely used in heat prone and heat sensitive areas.
  • LEDS require so little maintenance that an occasional quick wipe over is sufficient.
  • LEDs remain in the solid state. They do not have any filament or glass which can break. They remain robust even in wet conditions and thus can even be used underwater safely.
  • While there is no method of recycling LEDs as of yet, they can be easily disposed of. Being tiny and lasting much longer, they waste output is substantially low and thus are less harmful to the environment than the glass bulbs or gas-filled tubing.

Being smaller, LEDs can be used more creatively than traditional lighting. Being slimmer, they can even be embedded into acrylic panels used in varied applications.

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