Radiation Cell Phone Case Studies against Radiation

Radiation Cell Phone Case Studies against Radiation

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Many different studies have been done surrounding the various health problems that can be caused from the cell phone radiation. Many of these studies have been looked at to see whether or not there is scientific evidence to back up the conclusions made.

The truth of the matter is that when it comes to the RF frequencies transmitted by the cell phone use, the radio waves which are sent out from the phone are absorbed into the human body. What you might not know is that this is typically a small amount meaning it is under a watt.

There have been reports going back and forth between whether or not it causes cancer however there is no true evidence to report that it does. What you should ask yourself is if you want to take a chance on if it will or not. Is it not better safe than sorry when it comes to your health and the health of your loved ones?

For many parents, their children will become easily bored while sitting in appointments and therefore we pass the phone off to the kids to keep them occupied. When it comes to your children’s health, don’t you want them to be safe and healthy after using the phone or device? If so, then you might want to consider purchasing a cell phone radiation case to keep the radiation away from your loved ones when they are using it.radiation

Statistics show that many Americans do not care about the amount of radiation that they are being exposed to from the use of the phone with nearly only five percent truly caring about the radiation levels.

There are scientists out there that report that there is no proof to support allegations made that the use of cell phones has caused more brain tumors or any other type of cancer. There is no telling if the people who ended up with a tumor or ended up with cancer were not already setup to have cancer. If they are more prone to having the cancer and used their cell phone without the case, there is no true proof that they developed the cancer or tumor due to the use of the cell phone.

If you are already established to be more genetically prone to getting cancer, you would do yourself some good getting the case to protect yourself from the radiation waves being transmitted by the phone you are using.

How does it send radiation out?

That question is fairly easy to understand. What happens is the cell phone is going to send out a signal from the antenna to the closest cell phone towers in the area. This is going to allow you to send and receive phone calls, send text messages and receive them as well as being able to use other applications on the phone. These RF radio frequencies are going to be in-between what a microwave frequency is and that of the FM radio. These are called “non-ionizing” forms of radiation.

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