Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PPC Agency

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PPC Agency

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Pay per click Agencies (also known as PPC), or cost per click, use internet advertising to direct traffic to websites and boost audience, in which advertisers pay the publisher every time an ad is clicked. In terms of search engines, advertising agencies usually bid on keyword phrases related directly to their target market. Fixed price rates can change based on the popularity of certain terms.

Can You Explain Your Keyword Research Process?

A good response would be something along the lines of monitoring and matching keywords related to measure search optimization and eliminating the failures or bad keywords receiving little to no traffic. This is important to constantly monitor as keyword rankings in Google are constantly changing. If you don’t stay on top of it, you will see a drop in ranks.

When taking on an already existing Account, What Is the typical account strategy for improvements?

A good response for this is having the ability to adapt to changing circumstances without having to start from scratch all over again. That would simply take too much time and time is money. A PPC agency should be able to maintain integrity throughout the history and future of the business. Also be able to reflect on the past failures and know how to change that for the future. We at Conversion Perk do complete campaign audit report and share that with our valuable client and then we start making the improvement to make the Adwords PPC Campaign or Facebook PPC campaign profitable.


How Do You Measure Success?

Everyone has a different way to measure success. Whether it is money (profits), investments, praise from others, giving back, etc. we all can thrive. In terms of PPC agency organizations, there has to be success measured by tangible benchmarks, attainable goals, and better ad performance. These are the necessary requirements for success in this business. The more you hear about keywords, the better.

Can You Handle Accounts featuring Multiple Lead Goals?

PPC agency workers need to have the organization skills and the initiative to handle the more important goals. Skills with analytics, measurement of sales, revenue, conversion rates, etc. are all very important. Tracking URLs to the source of success is very important.

What Is Your Resume look like In Terms of Landing Page Optimization?

The ideal response is most likely going to revolve around the word creativity. The best are masters with creativity and experiment with web development. Not afraid to make changes on the fly or come on with ideas in little time. They also should mention good at handling A/B landing page testing.

How Good Are You With Communication?

It is very important to have great communication in the business field (especially sales and marketing). PPC agencies have to be good at communicating success in terms of numbers and volume. Much like reporting experiment results to a teacher for a grade. They need to have as much verbal skills as they do written skills. That means good English and good vocabulary. Good vocabulary in the field of business is definitely required.

How Will Hire PPC Agency Work to Ensure I get Ahead of My Competitors?

We all have competitors. They seem as if they just pop out of nowhere and start standing in our spotlight. The best way to get ahead of competitors is to gain more knowledge in the industry. This calls for understand of numbers and changes in trends. The PPC agency must be good with numbers and crafts to monitor success or flaws. Above all, an agency needs to clearly explain the game plan for passing by those competitors. This needs to be done on actual facts researched rather than just some rough speculations.

Feel free to read a blog post “Why Should a Small Business Firm Hire an Agency for PPC”. Hopefully that will help you to make a decision. Choose your PPC Company and ask above mentioned questions to them. If the PPC company answers sufficiently in these areas, Hire PPC Agency today!

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