Providing impetus and exposure to your content through distribution

Providing impetus and exposure to your content through distribution

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In a recently concluded meeting, our team of content marketers were pondering on the best possible ways to distribute the content our team produced. We came to the pain point of distribution as we realised that there was enough content getting generated by our team and even though we were writing about the industry we relate to,that of ‘Customer Identity Management’ we were not getting the kind of response from the industry or people interested in the topic. In an attempt to come out of the vortex and get some understanding on the best possible ways or methods to distribute content in order to maximise reach and garner value I decided to do some search online. Here’s sharing with you some of the insight I was able to gather online.

The first step

The first and foremost step any organisation or team of marketers needs to consider before setting out to plan out a distribution strategy is understanding the concerned organisation’s sales funnel. Whether the attempt at distributing content is to create awareness, re engagement, or drive leads. Once there is clarity on the exact purpose you wish to achieve the process of distribution to the target audience becomes easier.

Distributing content through social media channels

It is a no brainer to suggest that it is an absolute must for businesses to leverage the potential of social media channels, as that’s where the audience is. As per a Linkedin study 81 percent small and medium sized businesses are using social media, with 94 percent doing it for the purpose of marketing. Professional social network channel like Linkedin is a perfect medium for B2B businesses to share their content for it provides a direct connect with industry related individuals and peers. Besides distributing content on the different industry related groups not just gets the attention from your target audience it also in many cases provides for valuable interaction that can help improve and improvise. Additionally using the potential of the largest social network platform Facebook using its targeted posts is another potent way of targeting audience with precision. For businesses trying to promote content Twitter and it’s popular hashtags can help deliver with 87 percent businesses already doing so.

Emails are still in vogue

As many as 92 percent of the world adult population has an email account, if that’s not convincing enough, 57 percent email subscribers spend 10 to 60 minutes browsing through marketing related emails through the week. To further give impetus to the value emails hold a healthy 67 percent of email users check their emails on the go on their smartphones. The added benefit of using emails as the distribution channel of choice is the favorable returns on investments as per Econsultancy. Personalised emails with quality content can for sure take away your distribution vows.

Get content distributed through influencers

It is for sure a huge number of eyeballs roll when President Obama tweets. Though Obama is way out of reach for businesses there are many more industry leaders or stalwarts who have an impressive following somewhat like Obama’s and their word is considered valuable advice in their particular industry. Marketers should look to connect to such influencers to help distribute content. It sure requires that marketers present credible quality content to the influencers, but once the content gets their backing the chances of that content reaching the target audience and achieving its purpose of awareness, re-engagement or lead generation is better served.

Share content multiple times to catch attention

The world is full of busy people or that is exactly what most people want you to believe. Agreeing to the notion that people are very busy and getting their attention is a tough proposition, marketers sharing content should ensure there is ample opportunity for the individual to discover the content, thus the need to share the content not just once but multiple times. The information on the best time to Tweet or share on Facebook readily available online, is handy info marketers can use.

Distribution requires identifying the right channel for specific types of content

You cannot be serving sweets to a diabetic the same way content has to be shared on particular platforms as per their consumption pattern on each channel. Facebook videos that touched 8 billion views per day in November 15, giving competition to the other long term channel Youtube the leader publishing video content can be a useful medium to get attention to your video content. Similarly Twitter stands good for sharing announcements, product launch news etc. while blogs are well suited for long form content.

Enabling Customer Identity Management Solutions

Present day business imperative requires businesses enable customer identity management solutions on and across their web properties. Identity as a service solutions help businesses to well manage the digital identities of their customers which in turn help them to know their customers on a deeper level. CIM solutions not just helps customers register through email or social login, it captures valuable information that is used to gain insight about the customer. Customers using social login by using their existing social id’s authorise the social network service provider to share their social information with your business giving a view of their network the kind of content they like and share. Enabling the social share widgets on CIM available as social add ons is another way to provide impetus to the content you produce as it is conveniently shared on multiple social networks. The single sign on feature that enables customers to sign into multiple web properties using one set of credentials provides the business with a single view of the customer that provides businesses a single view of customer in terms of the devices he uses to connect, the kind of content he spends time on etc. The particular know can help business draw out plans on the kind of content to produce depending on the use of device and the consumption pattern, at the customer’s end, for example, video is popular on mobiles while blogs are more read on tablets or large screen devices. Knowing the mentioned information will help derive maximum value from the content produced and lessen the burden on ways to target customer and distribution of content.

There is a world of information available when it comes to information on distribution of content, the little shared above is like the cherry on the cake. The listing of channels preferred by B2B marketers to disperse content can make it convenient to gauge and learn from the industry and provide for a safe footing. As someone wise once said if you do not know how to do it, ape the industry leaders and do the exact thing for success.

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