Providers of Wholesale Cloud Services

Providers of Wholesale Cloud Services

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A wholesale cloud provider is the company that provides all the constituents of cloud computing to other individuals and businesses. These components include IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS or Platform as a Service, and SaaS or Software as a Service.

CSPs or Cloud Service Providers have to be evaluated based on a few facts, before you procure their services.


The first thing is the cost you have to pay for the service of cloud service providers. The cost is usually based on the model of per-use but there are many other variations to be considered. Physical location, for example, is a major factor to store sensitive data.


The cloud service should be reliable of the data is to be made accessible. The SLA or service level agreement typically specifies exact levels of cloud service, like 99% uptime, the compensation or recourse that the client is entitled to (if the cloud service provider ceases to provide the promised services. If you want to procure the services of a cloud service provider, you must read the fine print of the agreement and understand it. Some service providers overlook outages up to ten minutes, but it may be very long time for a few businesses.



It is foremost to keep security of data on the topmost priority. Organizations like CSA or Cloud Service Alliance provide appropriate certification that all the criteria of security are met. The Trusted Cloud Initiative Program of CSA was created in order to assist cloud service providers to develop secure, industry recommended, interoperable, and compliance and access practices and configuration.

Providers of cloud services

The first major provider of whole cloud services was Amazon, with the offer of Amazon Simple Storage Service in 2006. Other providers of cloud services include Cisco, Apple, IBM, Citrix, Joyent, Microsoft, Google, Rackspace, Verizon/ Terremark and Google and Amazon have earned huge profits by providing cloud services since a long time. Microsoft’s earnings have noticed a remarkable upward shift in profits because of their wholesale cloud services, while their revenues from the division of Windows stayed flat.

MSPs or Managed Service Providers now acknowledge significant opportunity in the field of cloud services. Small and mid-size establishments look for customized services by wholesale cloud service providers, which can provide tailor managed components of service. When a service provider is not able to fulfill their demands, they turn somewhere else. Many cloud service providers regret the thing that they cannot always tailor their service according to the demands of their client.

Multi-Tenant Cloud Service

Building a new cloud service may have a lot of potential for high return on investments. However, you have to make sure that you do the things right and meet the demands of market. You can minimize the blunt investment, take advantage of economy of scale, and simplify management. You need to build a cloud service that that has capabilities of multi-tenants. Multi-tenancy is your capability to run several customers on a single part of hardware or a single piece of application.

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