How to play WAV files on Mac

How to play WAV files on Mac

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You own a MAC, but want to know how to download WAV Player for Mac then you will want to read this article carefully and understand how it works. Downloading the WAV player for your MAC brings you tremendous opportunities to play music files of different formats. It is easy, simple, and pretty straight forward.

What is WAV?

The WAV (WAVE) is short form for Waveform Audio file format. It was developed by the partnership between IBM and Microsoft. It was designed for storing audio bit stream files on computer systems. Today, you will find that the WAV file is a standard audio format which can be used in computer system that can help you play games and radio broadcasting.

Its working is pretty simple as it is used for playing uncompressed and raw audio which enables you to store information about the bit depth, tracks, sample rate, and mono or stereo. The problem here is that, it is the format for Windows and now for MAC. Then how to do open it on your MAC? You will want to know that the WAV will not be able to play, because of wrong sound device configuration and codec packs.

Though you can always spend some time online and download the right codec and play the music files with configuration settings, it is a huge issue. Using the Elmedia Player which can help you play the music files can play WAV files on MAC. You will want to know that it is a video player that supports WAV, MP3, M4A, VOB, FLAC, APE, WMA, MTS and others.

How to open a WAV file on Mac with Elmedia Player?

  • Download Elmedia

The first thing to do is download the free player for your MAC from their website and then install it.

  • Play your audio

The WAV files can be added to Elmedia in two different methods which include, drop the WAV files on the window player which has been opened. You can also use its icon present in the dock. You will then want to use the “Open With” option which is present on the right-click menu. Then you can select the Elmedia Player as an application to help you open the file.

In the main menu present in the Elmedia, go to “File”, and then click “Open”.

Next time, when you want to download a WAV file on your MAC, then don’t fret, all you need to do is use the above pointers and enjoy listening to the music.

Hope you found this article on downloading WAV player for MAC useful.

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