Plan your Finance with the Best Apps in 2016

Plan your Finance with the Best Apps in 2016

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You might not be very happy with the way you have spent 2015 financially, and now eagerly want to make 2016 better. However, managing finance is one of the toughest jobs in the world if you have decided to do it alone even without taking the help of any web-based service or software. Nowadays, we are very much dependant on the smartphones and the good news is that you can use this to your advantage for managing your debt. Finance apps, designed for smartphones has revolutionized the industry as such apps are helping people to prepare their budget and manage to reduce unnecessary expenses from their earnings. Here, we will explore how you can manage your finance using the suitable apps and web-based services.

Shop Offline with Online Price

There is no doubt that people always love to shop at the place they can avail best prices whether it is online or offline shopping. However, online stores have been offering things with the lowest price than the physical stores and that is why numerous people love to shop online.

However, a number of apps is available that will help the users to find out products with lowest price tags in the market. Such kind of apps uses the camera of your phone to scan the barcode of the product you are buying and immediately search for the similar products with a lower price tag on the internet and shows the location if it finds any. RedLaser and Shopsavvy are the apps offering such facilities.

Find the Best Deal without hunting

The days of hunting the best deal might have come to an end, as several online communities are there to help you with this. There is no doubt that millions of deals are being offered by online stores on a daily basis and it is not easy for an individual to be aware of them every day. Some apps can trace the best deals and offers that are running online at any point of time.

For example, if you are looking for a 25% percent discount for your new BMW, such apps will inform you about the best offer available within your reach. Best deal hunting apps can offer a good option to try out for the people who always seek best deals in the market.

Get Rid of Bank Charges

People who fly abroad are aware of extra bank charges for shopping and many people consider this as daylight robbery. Today, many stores are promising “commission free” currency deal, but many of them are including hidden fees and offering disappointing rate for Euros or dollars. To know more about debt relief click here.

However, service like TransferWise offers almost 8 times cheaper deal than your banks. TransferWise has been developed by a former employee of Skype and the app is transferring currencies for different users in different locations. The most noteworthy thing about the app is that it is user-friendly.

Get Home like Facility across the World

If you are looking for a better money management plan for your next holiday, then you should use a prepaid foreign currency card because your debit or credit card will rob you with their hidden charges whenever you will use them abroad.

However, the prepaid cards such as will allow you to upload your spending money before you board on your flight for the foreign trip and provide you the best rate on foreign currency.

Several apps and web-based services will definitely help you to make the year of 2016 financially well-planned and budget friendly.

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