Part Time Hero:Monster Mayham Review

Part Time Hero:Monster Mayham Review

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Looking for the perfect fantasy RPG game? Part Time Hero:Monster Mayham is currently a favorite among players, offering the kind of fast-paced action game that keeps you hooked and happy with each level. It is technically classified as an adventure game although Monster Mayham is actually a combination of different types of games, requiring skill and smarts to advance you to the next level.

Game Concept

The story is pretty straightforward but exciting nonetheless. Be the part-time hero, working jobs and killing off monsters with a mixture of skills and constantly upgraded tools and weapons. Improve your armory with each win and collect coins to buy more tools to accomplish your tasks.

Part Time Hero, however, is not a single-hero game. As the level advances, you are free to upgrade your status as well as obtain the help of various sidekicks to make each job easier. All sidekicks are female and customizable, allowing you to create a veritable battalion of people to enhance your power with each monster battle. This is in part what makes this game unique. While other games require you to do it all alone, Part Time Hero involves the use of other characters to help you advance. Like the Hero, these characters can be upgraded to give you a better chance in fighting the enemies.

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Graphics and Sounds

Graphics are excellent and specifically formatted to work with Android 2.3 version and varying screen sizes and colors. Using chibi characters, there are sufficient differences between each hero and sidekick to make the gameplay interesting on a per-character level. It is easy to see that design attention wasn’t just given to the Hero but also to the background and the monsters meant to be defeated.

The sound and music system is also pretty decent with well-timed hits that enhance the enjoyment of the game. Both, however, can be turned off if you prefer to play in absolute silence. There is also a bit of fun thrown in as your characters make the right faces to match the current situation they happen to be in. Creating a whole new world, it’s easy to become immersed in this game with a story that challenges you every time. There’s also an array of choices for customizing your hero, adding to the play feature of the game.


All in all, an excellent game to have in your phone, Part Time Hero: Monster Mayham is a great way to stay entertained and challenged with enough features to keep you from getting bored with levels difficult enough to keep you challenged.

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