ORM: The Titan

ORM: The Titan

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ORM have been working with a car manufacturer to develop a marketing campaign to help introduce a new electric supercar into the public. This car runs purely on electricity and it has eight motors, two motors for each wheel to help give power when needed. This machine was developed by a team of disgruntled employees from a major supercar maker for not wanting to change to electric power when clearly there is so much abundant research demonstrating how electric motors can power a supercar of a certain caliber. The car is a two seater; the entire interior defines luxury on all levels. No German or Italian automaker comes close to how beautifully simple it is for the driver and passenger. They used fake leather for the seats mainly because they don’t believe in harming animals for needless luxury; as well as, protecting the environment while maintaining a powerful car.

ORM services created a tagline which is, “change the world but with no sacrifice,” and it works, the car accelerate from 0 to 100 km in under 3 seconds; that is Bugatti and GTR territory. The horsepower is roughly around 567 but the power to weight distribution is off the charts since the top speed is an average of 280 km per hour. Even though this machine is extremely light, don’t let it fool you; there probably isn’t a way to put a dent anywhere on the exterior. It is all made from a combination of carbon fiber and graphene. Graphene is relatively a new substance and is considered to being the strongest substance to date since it consists of carbon atoms bonded at a molecular level, which the thickness is one atom. This sheet of carbon is laid over the entire exterior of the car, which gives the extra-added strength to the carbon fiber parts the body. If Batman existed, this would be the car he drove. Even though the car would go 250 km an hour, the motors were pretty silent. The only sound anyone can hear is the sound of the tires moving. The aerodynamics made the machine into a ninja and the vents gave it a better down force than any other professional spoiler on the market. However, the most important feature is fact that it runs on electricity. Most supercars that only use electric can run for approximately an hour depending on which maker but this mean machine can do about 700 km. That’s better than any average midsize sedan that runs on fuel and usually those midsize sedans are considered the most fuel efficient vehicles in the market. This machine is an engineers delight and ORM services knows this, which makes it easy for them to market.

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