Is Your Organization Equipped With These Security Systems?

Is Your Organization Equipped With These Security Systems?

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You’ve worked for years to build a company which you always dreamt of. All the assets that make up your company are priceless, and therefore require the utmost level of protection. This can be accomplished by installing the right digital security system that can constantly keep a tab on suspicious activities carried out in your organization.

 Listed below are a few security systems that you should consider installing:

Access Control System

The access control system is usually installed at the entrance of the door. It is controlled through a physical keypad. An individual is required to type in the assigned code using the keypad. If the code matches with the one stored in the system, he/she gets the access.

Although, access control systems are mostly controlled by a keypad, some of the modern devices use smart cards and fingerprints to allow individuals to gain an access to a specific area. Presently, the ones with fingerprint sensors are highly preferred, as they are known to be most accurate.


CCTV Camera Surveillance

While most of your employees are trustworthy and loyal towards the organization, a few may prefer being the opposite, not caring too much about the growth of the company as a whole.

CCTV camera surveillance, apart from helping you detect unauthorized access to your property, also lets you keep an eye on what your employees are up to. These cameras have a high zoom capability that can capture every activity with minute details.

Interestingly, some of these cameras are also equipped with infrared technology that can capture videos in the dark focusing on the subject in question.

Video Door Phone Intercom System

This system is installed at the entrance of a property. It consists of a video camera that scans the guest. He/she then needs to introduce himself by stating the reason for his visit through the intercom system. The door can be unlocked only by the security guards when they are convinced by the stated reason. These types of security systems are best suited for both, commercial and residential properties.

Intrusion Alarm System

An Intrusion alarm system alerts the owner of a suspicious intrusion of his/her property. In terms of complexity, these alarm systems range from the traditional burglar alarms to the highly sophisticated sensor-based systems. The latter ones are presently the most preferred.

As soon as an intrusion is sensed on the property, the alarm system turns on and the owner is notified instantly.

All the above listed systems can greatly add up to the overall security of your organization. However, if you know nothing or too little about security systems, picking the right ones may seem to be a mammoth of a task. In such cases, it is highly recommended to walk up to an expert who can suggest you a few good options that go rightly with the requirements of your organization.

No doubt, a few good security systems may cost you some extra bucks. But, don’t forget; the protection of your organization is worth a million times more than what you would be spending.

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