Online reputation services: Jays Four

Online reputation services: Jays Four

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Online reputation services has attained a contract from Super Solar. They are a company that is currently working on efficient solar panels. Their goal is to do what SSD has done to the tech industry, increase the speed and efficiency of their product. Instead of a phone taking over five hours to charge on a traditional solar panel. They want to be able to charge the phone on their solar panel in under ten minutes. At the moment, the solar panel industry claims that this is not possible or else is would be out on the market; however, Super Solar has tested a theory that might prove their claim. They took the basic functionality of charging a phone and boosted it to complete the charge in about ten minutes. The principal as the super charging cable that was made for Samsung Galaxy S5. The combination of the booster and the amount of energy absorbed is key to reaching their goal.

ORM Services realized Super Solar has had a bad reputation on the net due to the lack of positive information or publicity. What Online reputation management did was creating social media pages and started to share their technological progress, without sharing their trade secrets. This was slowly gaining positive traction about their company and their patented theory. Eventually they made a huge break where they were able to charge a phone in about 18 minutes. Not the desired goal; however, it was still quite exceptional for the time being. No solar panel on the market can charge a phone under an hour, let alone under 18 minutes. This was truly remarkable within the industry and they decided to launch a prototype to display at a tech exhibition at San Francisco. Many companies who were very interested in investing within Super Solar approached them. Some even showed interest in acquiring their company. This proved that they were onto something big within the solar industry and they had a huge competitive advantage. Some car manufacturers were very interested in buying this tech or even partnering up with them to incorporate these solar panels for their electric cars they’re currently working on. Most of the companies that showed great interest were small branches of other major organizations who were working on technologies that relied on solar energy. ORM Services realizes that solar energy can be the next big thing so they devised a plan to properly incorporate their achieved goals to help acquire potential customers as well as deals with other major companies.

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