Office and Call Center Environments – Getting the Balance Just Right

Office and Call Center Environments – Getting the Balance Just Right

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There are many factors that affect the overall performance of call center staff, and one must get into the mind of a staff member to really understand the things that really affect them on a day-to-day basis.

Incorporating the right technology is an important factor in planning a call center. One such piece of technology is the Plantronic office headset. Offering great value for money and many options that should be considered when planning a call center environment.

Booths or Open Plan?

Many call center environments have moved away from the old booths where staff were hidden behind a wooden screen and in a world of their own.  Whilst some will say this is great for improving the customer calling experience it was pretty testing for the staff.

When call centers move to a more open plan environment the mood of the staff becomes more vibrant and bubbly, a team can become a team.  They are not hiding their smile or shielding their personalities from their colleagues, it becomes a far more productive place of work.  But then comes the issue what to do with the increased noise levels.

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White Noise

Adding white noise generators can mask the overall noise levels in a call center environment.  Artificial sounds are generated at a certain frequency that are able to cancel out much more distracting sounds.  Over a short period of time, our ears are able to cancel out the frequencies, and enable us to focus far more on what is being said, that what is going on around us.

Distractions in a call center are an audible signal, which can affect the staff member and the experience of the caller.  The introduction of a white noise generator will greatly assist the call center staff to focus on their callers, than what is going on around them!

Plants and Panels

Placing some large plants in the office environment will help absorb some of the noise generated, but be careful the type you choose.  Traditionally plants such as Yucca or Cheese plant have the tendency to work best in noisy rooms.  They also have a calming effect on the atmosphere, and are essential to maintaining staff focus and energy levels.

Living plants also add character and color boosting the psyche and general feeling of employees.

Types of Headsets

Call center staff function when they are totally focused on what is being said by callers.  If they are wearing a one ear piece headset there is a tendency not to be fully focused, and in some cases important information can be misheard.

Investing in the right headset technology is crucial here also.  There are many low quality products on the market, which are not up to the task at hand.  You may find yourself spending several hours a day listening to operators who say they cannot hear the callers, or the callers are complaining they cannot hear the staff member.

It is a great idea to consider the Call Center Plantronics wireless headset in your set up plans.  This headset offers incredible versatility for the most demanding environments.  It also allows call center staff the ability to stretch their legs without having to remove their headsets.  Great if they are going to get some water or to check something with a supervisor.

Mobile Phone Free Zone

Mobile phones are a blessing in disguise and can be a nightmare at the same time.  They cause distractions, interference and unnecessary electronic noise to a call center environment.  We all know the way social media and texting have become a necessity these days, and these habits do affect staff performance.

Introducing a complete ban on mobile phones in the work place is one step that employees may resist, but it is important for your business to focus on its productivity.  One benefit to explain to your staff is that they will become far more detached to this habit, and enjoy their working day far more without it!

It is important you listen to your call center staff, to help improve their working conditions and environment. Involve them in part of the decision making process, this is a great way of building your team.  You are investing in them and their welfare, as well as improving your own productivity.  A win-win situation for all concerned, and leads to a happy working environment.

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