How Music & Sound-Effects Affect Video Game Performance?

How Music & Sound-Effects Affect Video Game Performance?

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There are hundreds of experiments that studied the relationship between video game performance and music. The findings strongly support positive results both for the players and the benefit of the gaming industry. Apart from these studies, the history of music in video games has itself shown that it has become an indispensable part of any successful franchise.

Game Immersion Benefits

In one study, researchers gave earphones and music to one set of gamers and left the other set without background music. At the end of the test it was found that the first group scored significantly higher scores. In fact, they also lost track of time and experienced time distortion. This further shows that music has the power to further increase game immersion.2

Music & Sound Effects

According to many other research studies, both music and sound effects have in impact on performance. In a 2007 study involving DOOM players, it was found that the players scored almost twice more when there was powerful music, screams, and weapon fire in the background, compared to players who had the sound off. This showed that music and other relevant sound effects can play magic in improving game immersion quality and performance.

In fact, the effect of music can be so profound that even unrelated music in the background affects player performance. In another study, researchers added game audio at a progressive rate. The gamer performance kept improving, even though the music wasn’t related to the game.

What Makes Best Players?

There are many more studies that show how important audio is to video games. The best gamers have been found to be good at integrating the audio-visual cues in an efficient manner to get richest experience. The best performers have been seen to be playing the audio-visual game and don’t just focus on one as aspect.

Thus, music is an integral part of the video game experience. It helps build a sonic identity for a game. It helps create the tone of the setting. And games can no longer be considered to be independent and offer a singular sensory experience. music does much more. It improves brand recall and creates a more realistic experience.

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