Mobile applications and e-government services simplifies our lives

Mobile applications and e-government services simplifies our lives

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The use of technology in our daily lives is increasing day by day and most of us depends on technology to perform various tasks in daily lives. Today, technology is implemented in every field, so it has become important for us to learn how to use them, in our daily life. As the world keeps on developing, technology will also get changed , so it is better for us to remain updated with new emerging technologies. Now there is a solution for everything, with Smartphone. People are now getting more addicted to mobile apps to fulfill their daily requirements. Now let us see how technology can be used in our daily lives.


Technology in the business world – Today business runs with the help of technology such as to perform various tasks, hiring employees and to deliver products and services on time. Using technology in business can speed up their services by cutting down costs. E-government has lowered the cost of performing business. There is no need to wait in line in government office and business is now conducted by government, through online. It has become easy to find a link to the electronic form, to be filled and submitted through online itself.

Technology in education – Today, technology has brought a big change in education. Using mobile apps, students can learn things easily and various software has allowed students, easy access to the online library. E-government services has helped students, apply for various courses through online at

Technology in communication – Today the field of communication has become easier by sending messages and e-mail. The recipient will get the message, instantly. Business meetings can be conducted through video conferencing. E-government services has improved the communication between business and government. Business and people have started getting information at the earliest. E-government services, benefits smaller business compete for getting government contracts.

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