Microsoft’s Brings to you a new Product – Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft’s Brings to you a new Product – Microsoft Hololens

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Microsoft brings to you, Microsoft Hololens, a new augmented reality technology that many of us thought was only possible in science fiction novels. Hololens is a wearable transparent headset that will allow users to overlay or augment 3d holograms of anything they wish onto the real world. Users can attach the 3d holograms to walls and objects using gestures and speeches.


The holograms can also be scaled, rotated, or moved, or edited as necessary. Web browsers, windows, and holographic television screens all can be projected anywhere, even on floors. Unlike virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift which transports users into different worlds, Microsoft Hololens allows users to change and add objects into the world around them. This is what makes Hololens so special. There is also a follow me command that will allow users to enable holographic screens to follow them anywhere they go. Even animated digital pets can be projected onto the real world.

Microsoft Hololens has unlimited potential as a learning tool. No doubt, the device will prove to be useful for education and classroom lectures. Students can learn anatomy beyond the books, architects can project holograms of structures to get an idea of how they would work before building, interior designers can project holograms of furniture to better visualize spaces, and gamers could gamify ordinary daily tasks to make them more exciting. Imagine being able to project clothes onto yourself to see how they look before buying them or projecting clothes on others to visualize how they would look on them. What is even more impressive is that the device is completely cordless.

Minecraft players could expand their experience by transforming the flat world into a 3d world of blocks in their own living room. It will completely change the way that players experience the game. Microsoft has uploaded videos onto Youtube demonstrating how Hololens works. The videos show users playing the game of Minecraft on a table, projecting television screens onto walls, and animed objects in real time. Microsoft states that the developer version of the headset should be released during the first quarter of 2016.

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