Make Users Love Your Site

Make Users Love Your Site

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A website is usually the first way customers interact with your brand and we know how important first impressions can be. Here are some tips to make sure that users love your site and most importantly your brand. These tips will help ensure that your site loads fast, is free of malicious software, and user friendly in order to keep users coming back and sharing your website on social media. So follow these tip to make sure users love your company’s website.

Keep it Secure
Trust is one of the most important assets a company has. It is hard to build and easy to lose, so don’t risk your company’s hard earned trust on a potential malicious hacker attack. Nothing can scare of a client like seeing your site has been compromised or reading about a data breach in the morning news. Keep your site secure by using a web security service. You can read in these Sitelock reviews that customers are pleased with the security and piece of mind they get from these managed, high-quality services. Another tip for keeping your site safe is making sure you are keeping your web software up to date, especially if your site is build on platforms such as WordPress. The popularity of Content Management Systems like WordPress makes them a big target for bad guys, so keep your site up to date with latest updates and plugins to close any loopholes and backdoors. Ensuring that your site is secure is one of the best ways to make users love your site and in turn your company or message.Image result for Make Users Love Your Site

Make it Fast and Mobile Friendly
Speed is important, today’s users are expected to websites loading fast regardless of their device or location. There is a good chance if you site doesn’t load right away your potential customer is heading elsewhere. Google rankings also have page speed as a major factor in their rankings, so it is critical for your SEO standings and customer satisfaction that you build a fast loading page. Using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) can help make sure your content is quickly sent to your users, also make sure you are using the latest compression technology to minimize the data load on your users. Modern web users also expect your site to look good on have full functionality on their phones, tablets, and desktop computers. So be sure your site is fully responsive to each customer device and utilizes the screen time and input controls to ensure a quality experience.

Remember your site represents your message and with the competition in today’s digital marketplace there is no room for error. Make sure you site is safe and secure from spammers and hackers and be sure your site loads lighting fast and plays well on any device. These tips on how to make users love your site will ensure that your customers keep coming back and telling their friends furthering your site’s message.

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