What Is Local Citation In Local SEO?

What Is Local Citation In Local SEO?

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Local citations are rather new in SEO but they have been used for a really long time now. The reason why they are in the attention of the marketing world is the focus that Google now puts on local search engine optimization. We can say that local citation building is now a very important part of local SEO rankings so it is something that every single small to medium sized business owner needs to learn more about.

Understanding Local Citation

Local citations are basically mentions of the local businesses on online pages. They can appear without or with a direct link. The local citations appear in various different forms, like:

  • Only mentioning company name
  • Adding company name and the phone number
  • Adding company name, address and phone number
  • Adding company name, website and phoneImage result for What Is Local Citation In Local SEO?

Obviously, the number of possible combinations is endless when referring to the type of citations that appear. In many cases even a mention of a phone number can be really effective as a local online citation.

Generally speaking, the complete local citation needs to include the following details: company name, phone number and address. If not all the elements are included, some specialists say that there is a partial citation presented.

Why Are Local Citations Important?

The most important thing to remember is that local citations are actually a key factor in modern local search engine rankings. According to specialists in the industry, around 25% of the local search engine rankings are connected to local citations. While there is obviously no real recipe that you can follow and that guarantees success, the case studies done till now highlighted the fact that local citations are vital for the success in local search engine rankings.

The Structured Citations

Out of all the local citations you will find on the internet, the really common ones are those that appear in business listing websites like superpages.com or yelp.com. We look at them as being structured citations because of the way in which they are arranged in the directories.

The Unstructured Citations

You can also find many really good citations in the websites of newspapers, listing websites, blogs, government sites and job websites. We look at them as being unstructured citations and they have a very high value as they can easily boost local search engine rankings.

The Value of The Citations

It is quite important to understand the fact that there are huge differences between the citations that you get from various sources. You simply cannot get any link or citation for the site or business you promote. It is vital that you are careful and that you remain informed at all times. In this case the authority of the citation source is what counts the most at the end of the process. Make sure that you do not add citations that could be seen as spam.

On the whole, a campaign that is focused on quality will always be really great for the local search engine rankings. Use local citations for your advantages and rankings will go up.

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