How to Launch a Successful Local SEO Campaign

How to Launch a Successful Local SEO Campaign

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The success of an SEO campaign in earlier days was defined only be making appearance on the first page of the search engine. But, with growing expectations of the clients, the onus of bringing in revenue oriented leads also lies on the shoulders of an SEO expert. So, here is a Guide to Local SEO campaign that is quite likely to prove the worth of your expertise to your client.

Cash on the user behavioral pattern to your benefit

Users have a typical behavioral pattern when it comes to doing a local search. Some just prefer clicking on paid links appearing on the top, others go for Google map embedded sites; while there are still others who check the authenticity of contact details first before clicking the link. Apart from these, users also have typical search phrases which may help you to have content that can be caught by the crawler’s eyes easily. Thus, you need to jot down the reasons why a client clicked on any particular link and devise strategy accordingly.

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Optimize landing page Meta title tag

This advice is just the tip of an iceberg. When you want to nail Local SEO campaign, then you need to pay close attention to web page characteristics and all the attributes right from the alt tag to page description and ensure that the local address, city name at least are there. So, optimizing Meta title tag according to the city name is one of the many things that may bring you to a successful local SEO campaign.

Generate sales instead of reporting too often

The client is more interested in knowing how many people actually bought the product or service than seeing the traffic reports shot on him every now and then. Thus, conversion ratio report and giving an overview of interaction with clients, right till the closing of deal, can help you gauge the success of your campaign. Besides, you need to work upon points such as:

  • Having user-friendly content on the web pages
  • Posting and updating content on day-to-day basis for seeing the results
  • Updating customer reviews regularly
  • Getting surveys done to find what brought the clients to the website

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