JPG to PDF format convertor

JPG to PDF format convertor

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Were you aware that your JPG images can also be converted to PDF file formats? It’s not that much of a popular trend and you must have not even heard about it, so few clever people use this technique and enjoy the benefits of PDF file format without damaging the pixels of their JPG image. There must definitely be some sort of an advantage because of which there is such a convertor available too. lets you easily convert online image conversion to PDF format absolutely free.



Why convert from JPG to PDF

If you are new to this, so here’s a little advantage you will get to enjoy once you convert your file to PDF file format:

  • The JPG format takes up a lot of space and memory on disk, as compared to a pdf file.
  • When JPG file is compressed it still takes a lot of space as compared for PDF. It takes only 1/10th of space.
  • You must have noticed the print quality of JPG image is usually different than that you see on your screen dimension. However the quality depends more on the pixel dimensions of the image. As the print resolution and pixel dimensions are two different things, so when you print the JPG image, the quality is different. As compared to PDF format, the print comes exactly as you see on the screen.
  • You can definitely edit your JPG image, however after certain limit, the picture becomes too pixelated. And if you want to add the fading out effect, it adds another layer of pixels. However, in a PDF format, you can easily fade the image.
  • Lastly, when a picture is being used to be published or printed, the quality of the image matters a lot. For this reason, professionals around the world tend to convert the JPG format to PDF file format. In print media, or major ads the pictures you see with fine quality are all converted to a high resolution PDF file.

How to convert JPG to PDF format

Here’s how you can convert JPG to PDF format and convert PDF to JPG convert.

  • The service is not limited to JPG format, you can easily convert other formats like PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIF, WMF and TIFF all to PDF format.
  • There are settings and options available which lets you change the dimensions and parameters of the original picture, accordingly you can convert to PDF form. The settings available to edit the picture are picture selection area, changing the image size, orientation and an option to rotate the image.
  • Simply upload the picture from the source and wait while it converts
  • Once the picture is converted, you can automatically save the pdf file at your desired local disk.
  • You can also convert a pdf image to jpg format
  • One of the best service that we offer is, there is not picture size limitations, and neither there is any limitation to number of conversions. The plus point is, all this benefit is free without any need to register with us.


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