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Unfortunately, your expensive iPhone 6 may accidentally damage at times. Accidents happen and it is very likely that your Apple iPhone 6 breaks too. Such uninvited and undesired situations cannot be sidestepped but they are fixable indeed. Getting your iPhone 6 mended through right hands is the most crucial thing. When such circumstances occur, you can bring in your iPhone for repair. Singapore has an authorized iPhone service location and deal in all types of repairs and replacements concerning iPhone 6s.

They can effectively diagnose and replace any part of the phone that is defective or not functioning properly. A good and reliable company’s amenity ensures the best value for your repair services and offers a low-price guarantee. They are unparalleled to any local competitor with our friendly, dedicated and well-trained staff at your service.

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What you need to know from a reliable iPhone 6 repair service

iPhone 6 Glass & LCD Replacement:

The broken or impaired glass screen needs fast fixation. They understand the importance of renewing a smashed or cracked screen dexterously. They replace the screen with an all-new glass making your iPhone look new as before. They provide reasonable screen replacements as the accidental damage is not covered under the iPhone warranty.

iPhone 6 Water Damage Diagnostic:

The iPhone damaged by water is the most serious issue and it takes only an expert to overcome it. They are adept with proper knowledge and advice relevant to this problem. When you bring your water damaged iPhone 6 to us, they know what to do exactly. Our experts diagnose the problem and quote you an upfront pricing for its repair.

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement:

When your iPhone 6 needs battery replacement, it is of utmost importance that you get it done with trusted source. A less trusted battery in your mobile phone can create several troubles concerning the overall performance of your phone. At our iPhone 6 repair service, they guarantee the brand-named battery replacement.

iPhone 6 Charge Port Repair:

Sometimes your iPhone 6 does not charges properly or it may not connect to the computer precisely the way it should. The problem cannot be overlooked and demands the accurate consultation. It may need a charge port repair service to fix it. They are always there to assist you with our exceptional service and take care of your iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Speaker, Power and Home Button Repair:

When the iPhone 6 falls, it causes the wear and tear of its hardware. The on/off switch may stop functioning or the home button may damage. Most of the times, the speaker does not operate correctly in spite of the correct settings. All these circumstances call for the repair or replacement of the concerned element. All these problems come handy to us. They are proficient in fixing all these problems in no time.

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iPhone 6 Diagnostic Service:

Nobody likes a slow functioning phone in their hands and more so if it is an iPhone. If such problems persist with your iPhone 6, it is better to see an expert. Diagnosing your iPhone 6 is the best way for sustaining its smooth running. They run several software tests to make sure that the phone runs at its full speed. Our technicians will thoroughly convey you the entailing problem and the repair required after performing the free diagnostic.


Broken iPhones are efficiently repaired and replaced by our honest and authorized approach to their servicing. They are accredited and completely approved iPhone repair provider. Our primacy is the overall satisfaction of our customers.

  • They provide reasonable quotes on iPhone repair and its servicing.
  • They give guarantee on all the iPhone repairs they undertake.
  • They keep in mind that your phone warranty is not annulled and so they only use genuine parts.
  • All our repairs are standardized to the measures outlined by Apple.
  • They replace your phone with only Apple accepted replacement phones.
  • They make sure to free repair the liabilities protected under your iPhone 6 warranties.
  • Our technicians that undertake the repair job are all Apple iOS certified.

To get a quick repair, you can always stopover our urbane on-site repair facilities. They are always stock-full with all the necessary parts and equipment that are essential for iPhone 6 repair.

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