Install Lollipop on Micromax Unite

Install Lollipop on Micromax Unite

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If you own a Micromax Unite android smartphone, you should consider updating it to Lollipop. It runs great on this 4.7 inch 1.3 GHz Quad-core phone. Your phone will run all the latest games and apps and you won’t have to worry about apps ‘not responding’. Here is how to install Lollipop on Micromax Unite.

NOTE: Installing a ROM or updating your phone could wipe your data. In some cases, it might brick your phone. So be sure you proceed with care. If anything happens to your phone, you are the only person responsible for it. Don’t follow this tutorial if you can’t take responsibility for your own actions.

Prerequisites to install Lollipop on Micromax Unite

So you have decided to proceed with the update tutorial. Here is what you need to do before you start to install Lollipop on Micromax Unite.

  • You should charge your phone before you do any updating. If your phone battery dies during the process, you won’t be able to recover. Your phone will be bricked for good.
  • When you update your phone, chances are that you might lose personal data stored on the phone. Make a backup to avoid any problems later.
  • You will also need to install USB drivers for Micromax on your PC. You can download USB drivers for Micromax from official website. Once you have driver file with you, simply click the executable (.exe) file and grant administrative permissions. Drivers will take a minute to install.Image result for Install Lollipop on Micromax Unite
  • You need to enable USB debugging mode in order to proceed with this tutorial. To enable this, you need to turn on the developer mode by clicking the Build Number seven times. You can find build number under Settings >About Phone.
  • Finally, you need to root your device before you can proceed with this tutorial. After rooting Micromax Unite, you need to install custom recovery such as TWRP to install Lollipop on Micromax Unite.

Tutorial – How to install Lollipop on Micromax

Now it’s time to install Lollipop on Micromax. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the latest Lollipop ROM from official Micromax website. In case you can’t find a ROM there, try searching on XDA. There is a dedicated section on XDA developers for Micromax ROMs.

Step 2: Connect your device to your PC using a USB cable. Once connected, move the ROM file to SD card of your mobile phone.

Step 3: Assuming that you have already installed a custom recovery; it’s time to reboot your device into recovery. Although you can install any custom recovery for this tutorial, TWRP works flawlessly. This tutorial assumes that you’ve installed TWRP custom recovery.

Step 4: Once you are in recovery mode, find an option to wipe all mobile data. Make sure you have made a backup of important files before you go ahead with this step.

Step 5: This is the final step you need to follow in order to install Lollipop on Micromax Unite. You will find an option to ‘install from ZIP’ in custom recovery menu. Click it and locate the ROM image. Now click OK and proceed with the installation. It typically takes a few minutes to complete.

Now reboot your device. It should now run the latest Lollipop on your device.


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