Instagram Tips for Amateur Models

Instagram Tips for Amateur Models

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Breaking into the fashion and modelling industry is difficult, but it’s not impossible. If you’re a model and you’re not utilising Instagram, you definitely should be. There are several reasons to use Instagram, and there are also a lot of different strategies for developing your profile in order to get more work and become a professional model. Starting your modelling career can be hard, especially if you don’t live in a major city, but with Instagram, anyone can see your portfolio with a few taps of the mouse.

Why You Should Utilise Instagram

Instagram is a powerful portfolio tool. You probably don’t live in any of the fashion or modelling capitals of the world. Places like New York City, Paris, and San Francisco are all hard to get to and expensive to live in. In the past, people looking to pursue careers in modelling needed to get to one of these cities in order to find work.

However, with Instagram, anyone can see you from anywhere in the world. Fashion people, models, and photographers all use Instagram to showcase samples of their most recent work, as well as to boast collaborations with big names. Instagram is all about image, but it’s actually much more convenient than trying to send headshots to every agency in the world. Instagram doesn’t guarantee work, but it does increase awareness of your own professional portfolio.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Because modelling is competitive, a lot of agencies only like to pick up models who’ve already done some work. They need to see you in action. That means they need to be able to find your profile. Profiles with more followers create a better impression on agencies, as it gives you the appearance of popularity among fans and other industry people.

You can follow people on Instagram manually in the hopes of them following you back, but that can take a very long time, especially when you’re first getting started. Gaining followers is sort of like a snowball effect, in which once you have a lot of followers, you’ll keep getting more and more until you have thousands.

Did you know that you can buy followers on Instagram? A lot of people who are working their way toward social media popularity do it to start out. It gives your account the boost you need in order to engage the snowball effect and gain followers automatically. Try looking online for a company that sells Instagram followers for a good price and a guarantee that they’re real.

Models Mix It Up

As you continue to develop your portfolio, be aware that too many shots from the same photo shoot make it look like you haven’t done very many photo shoots. Try to do at least one a week in a new location, perhaps even with multiple photographers. This will give your portfolio a more diverse look, and agencies will appreciate it. Also, try not to hashtag everything to death. Professional models don’t do it, so you shouldn’t either.

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