Informative Guide about On-Page SEO to Boost Your Website Ranking

Informative Guide about On-Page SEO to Boost Your Website Ranking

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On-Page SEO is in fact one of the most important processes to not only improve your ranking but also for a successful internet market campaign.  The website is where all business campaign starts and if it is not optimized for both the search engine and the user, you are at a great disadvantage.

What is it?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO includes all that you have to do to improve your ranking on search engine. If you look at the overall picture, then will you have to apply both On-Page and off-site SEO techniques.

Great on-Page SEO Techniques That You Must Adapt

Here is a list of things you can do to improve your ranking:

  • Page Title – Title is what a user will read first of all. If your title is unique, it will attract everyone’s eyes. The title must be appealing and informative.
  • Content – No website can be a success without proper content. It is very important that you double check what you’re providing.
  1. Should be original
  2. Should be published on your website first
  3. Add text to your non-text contents like Videos and Pictures
  4. Should be useful
  5. Should be well-researched
  • Have Meta Tags – Do not forget to include a set of keyword named Meta This must include all the relevant keywords that you have already searched.
  • Description – This is what the clients will see in the search engine result pages. It is, therefore, the description that attracts clients. The description must be unique for each page.
  • Formatting – Proper formatting is very vital. This is what will enhance the appearance of your content and make it more attractive. Have heading, subheadings and do not forget to underline the important parts.
  • URL Structure – This is another important part of your website. It should not be more than 255 characters. Also, do not forget to separate the difficult words with a hyphen.


  • Breadcrumb – This helps your clients to navigate your website in a very systematic way as they always know where they are and how deep the web page is.
  • Internal Linking – It is very important to have links in your website. If the user does not find any link it is very obvious that he tends to move away from your website. However, internal linking will ensure that the client sticks to your website. It also helps the search engines to know about your other pages and also outline your important pages. This helps in finding your pages that were not yet known. Therefore, the user will spend more time on your website.
  • Speed – No one likes to wait today. It is therefore very important that you are in accordance with Google recommendations to load your website as soon as possible. If your website is slow, the chances are that the user will close it and navigate to some other link.
  • Authorship – Web pages with a proper authorship are always given more importance. One way to improve your authorship is to correlate the content that you post with your Google+ profile. Then depending on your followers and following, your ranking might change.

To ensure that your rank increases, it is very important that you follow these techniques and make the most out of your website. You could also hire the services of top companies like the 1st Rank San Diego for getting the best results.

Author’s Bio:

This article has been written by James Sherer. 1ST Rank San Diego has a team of experts that offers complete search engine optimization solutions to improve your ranking. With their approachable attitude, you can easily get in touch with them and seek professional assistance.

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