Incredible Game Play That too the Arctic Style!!  

Incredible Game Play That too the Arctic Style!!  

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Penguin Run

Penguins are one of the best creatures in the world. There black and white outlook and the capability to withstand extreme weather conditions make them the arctic giants. They are so awesome that even gaming cannot escape their charm. And here is Penguin Run Saga, Cartoon which has become a sensation already.

The extremely cute yet addictive game is available in the play store and is 25 MB when you talk about the size. The game play is very simple. You just need to tap and control the directions; it’s very easy and insanely addictive.

Penguin Run

This 4.7 star game have a lot of features which are considered one of the best in the market right now. Gamers of all age group would love to play this kind of game as because you just need to tap to change the flapping directions.

You must collect points, catch fish and you also can unlock more colorful penguins and in turn be the top scorer in the world. Just remember not hit the ice cones and snow balls and the other obstacles. These simple rules make this game so unpredictable and immensely entertaining.

The exciting features are excessively unique and the game play being extremely easy makes it the perfect mixture of innocence and technology wrapped up with penguins!! The features include-

  • Chilled out snowy backgrounds with snowy mountains for real looking gaming with a lot of exciting levels.
  • You collect the gold fish and might just unlock more colorful penguins. This feature enables you to play with different kinds of penguins, which differ in strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tablet optimization for the tablets and simple touch controls for the best possible gaming experience.
  • The social networking models for chatting and sharing purposes and the relaxing music with additional leader board contents makes it one of the bests of the lot.
  • Another exciting and immensely popular feature is that the game play has got stunning graphics and cartoons which are colorful and animated very smoothly.

Additional Features

Penguin Run

It is so cute that you might forget yourself, as you would be playing so much until the end is reached. The cute roads, obstacles and of course, the cutest penguins which come in different colors make this game a must see for the gamers form all age groups. This game has been rated 4.7 stars in the play store as well.

Now to download it you can go to the play store and search for the game in the search bar and click install once you have found it. After the installation process completes, you can play it for as much time as you want. And remember to have free space of 25 MB so as to keep it in the handset of yours.

So what are you waiting for??? Download penguins run saga, cartoon today and feel the difference the arctic way!!



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