Important Tips to Increase your Amazon Affiliate Commission

Important Tips to Increase your Amazon Affiliate Commission

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During my online career, I have created several sites monetized with Amazon Associates program. During my years of developing these sites, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that help me make extra in affiliate commissions from Amazon. Some of these tactics are simple on-page “hacks”, while other are bigger pictures ways of thinking about your business.

Today I am going to share four particular ways that you can improve your Amazon affiliate commission. I am also going to share some steps that you can execute these relatively quickly in your business and improve your income.

Target Buying Long Tail Keywords

When people buy online, they go through a method of general queries to more specific ones.  You need to target Keywords that people are seeking for when they are closer to that shopping stage.

For example, let’s say you have a website about dog collars.  Instead of targeting phrases that are more general like, “dog collars” or “what is a dog collar?”, you should target keywords where you know people are likely to shop…such as “best dog collars” or “dog collars under $100”. You should also emphasize more on those keywords: review, bonus, and discount that shows purchase intent.

These searchers clearly see for more information to make a purchase decision.  You will get a much greater conversion rate (commissions!) when you get this kind of traffic on your site.


Insert Affiliate Link to Images

A simple but usually ignored tactic to improve you Amazon affiliate sales is to use affiliate links to all the images in your post.

When visitors are reading your product reviews, they will very often click on those images.  If the image link just zooms up that file, that’s potentially one less visitor you could have sent to the Amazon site.

However, if those images are really an Amazon affiliate link, you enhance the chances that more people will end up on Amazon seeing for products to buy. The more clicks you send to Amazon site, the more buyers you will end up with.

Sell More

Amazon works on a performance-based price scale that resets after different quantity slab rates. Sell more, earn more; it’s an uncomplicated formula.

Honestly speaking, it’s not that simple to just start selling more. You need to put these other tips into practice to boost your traffic and earnings, and that will snowball into more commission for every sale, drastically boosting your income.

One trick you can use is to feature some small, inexpensive items heavily. These items will be especially easy to sell due to their economic nature, but they still count for your percentage. Sell a bunch of small, cheap items in preparation for later big sales, to boost the earnings on those big sales.

Use Comparison Charts

When I first started my site, I desired to make my website better than the others that were ranking at Google’s first spot.  One of the methods that I picked to make my site stand out was by creating a comparison chart.

This yielded great results for me not only regarding quality content, but I found that more people were starting buying as they compared using the chart I had formed.  Since then, I don’t know if I started a bit of a trend, but nearly every Amazon affiliate site I see now applies many of the same comparison chart tactics.

Final Verdict

Overall, hopefully, some of these strategies that I’ve shared can assist you to grow your affiliate commissions on Amazon.  These little tactics can assure that you send the greatest number of people to Amazon.

Amazon has such tremendous brand recognition and trust that once you get people to the Amazon site, you just let Amazon do the rest for you.

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