Important Facts about Linksys Router You Should Start Noticing From Day One

Important Facts about Linksys Router You Should Start Noticing From Day One

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Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life, without which things may seem more difficult than ever. From morning till night, a person does numerous activities; a large proportion of those activities is done with the help of the internet. In case you are someone who have been using the internet, you must be familiar with routers.

Each Wi-Fi router comes with a unique IP address, which helps it communicate with the network. In other words, it’s almost impossible for a router to connect to internet without a unique internet protocol aka intellectual property address. An IP address is as important to a device (computer, printer, router, mobile phone, laptop, etc.) as the social ID number is to a person.


Four Ranges of IP Addresses

You may be wondering how do companies determine the IP addresses of their devices when millions of devices are manufactured every year. Well, the truth is they follow a simple format. All IP addresses are divided in four categories/ranges, which all the companies have to follow-

  • 168.0.0 –
  • 0.0.0 –
  • 254.0.0 –
  • 16.0.0 –

Out of these ranges, 192.168.l.l is the default IP address assigned to any Linksys router. It simply means that no matter which model you buy, it will always come with the IP address mentioned above. Once you know this truth, you can improve your internet browsing experience in a matter of few minutes.

All you have to do is put this IP address in your browser’s search box and access the management panel. Here you will see a number of options, which you can change as per your needs. It’s probably the simplest process you can follow and improve your user experience with Linksys routers. They have inbuilt feature to support multiple devices; deliver fast internet speed and distributing high speed data to devices located at reasonable distance. When you make certain changes on the management panel, you unlock the door to a hassle-free internet browsing experience.

By this way, you cannot only increase the security of your router, but also modify the way it responds. In simple words, it’s your shortcut to take your internet browsing experience to newer heights within no time.

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