The Most Important Design Elements of a Medical Website

The Most Important Design Elements of a Medical Website

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The medical industry is extremely competitive. There are many doctors who are constantly trying to attract new customers. The are many methods they can use to go about doing this. Millions of people use the Internet when they are looking for a doctor. Therefore, the importance of website design in the medical industry cannot be overstated. A doctor’s website is the first contact that he or she will have with the general public. This is why it is essential to make a good first impression on potential patients. A website allows a doctor to promote his or her practice and show people what type of services they offer. Here are some important elements that every medical website should include.

1. Make sure that the contact information for the doctor’s practice is in a very obvious location. 

One of the biggest mistakes that many doctors make involves their contact information. They put their potential patients in a situation where they need to spend time looking around the site to find out how to contact the doctor. This can frustrate people and might even cause them to leave the site and find a different doctor. A good idea would be to have the contact information displayed very obviously on every page on the site. This will eliminate the need for people to go to a separate page that contains the doctor’s address or phone number. The doctor should also have an email address that people can use if they are not able to call. Having links to all of the doctor’s social media accounts displayed on every page will help to grow a medical practice by generating discussion among patients. A map showing the location of the office will also be a useful tool for people who have never been there before.

2. The navigation of the site must be flawless.

Medical websites only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a new visitor. Otherwise, the person will leave the site and keep looking for a doctor elsewhere. Therefore, the site must be very easy for people to navigate as they are searching for various info about the practice. A slow transition from one page to the next is definitely something that will turn off potential patients. They will not want to sit around all day waiting for web pages to load. Studies indicate that people tend to look at the top of a webpage when they visit it for the first time. This means that a medical website should have a navigation system at the top of the home page that is very easy to use.

3. A very obvious link so people can make appointments.

There will come a point when each person who visits a medical website will decide if they are going to make an appointment or not. The site should make it as easy as possible for people who want to make an appointment to do so. There should be a very large and obvious link on every page that clearly tells the person to click on it to make an appointment. Furthermore, patients should be able to make their own appointments online without the assistance of a person at the doctor’s office. The site should display all of the available openings so the person can choose the one he or she wants. This is a feature that many medical sites are offering now. It will also allow the receptionist to have more time to do other work because she is not constantly booking appointments on the phone.

4. Information about every doctor working at the practice.

People need to have a good idea about who will be treating them if they decide to make an appointment. This is why people want to be able to read about where a doctor went to medical school and how much experience he or she has. This type of info will allow the public to know who they will be dealing with. This will create trust that is necessary for a patient to have in his or her doctor or dentist.

5. A video tour of the facility.

People like to watch videos because they can get information much faster than reading several paragraphs. Therefore, medical practices should post a video on their site that takes visitors on a tour of their office. It can be narrated by one of the doctors. The video should show what the interior of the office looks like. This will allow people to see if the facility is clean and uses modern equipment. The video should discuss all aspects of the medical practice. It would be wise to hire a professional video company to make the video. Posting a video made on a cell phone will look unprofessional.

Last but not least, having a beautifully designed medical website is worth the effort. There two ways you can go about this. One is having a designer in-house which gives you more control over the results but it is a more expensive option. The other is to work with medical website design agencies such as Solution21 who have done it for thousands of other doctors before. You may not get as much control as you expect that way but as of the economy of scale, it is likely for you to get better prices and a more refined and professional-looking website.

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