Importance of Content Development and Marketing to your SEO strategy

Importance of Content Development and Marketing to your SEO strategy

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All SEO packages that you assess with your provider should include fresh and original articles, as well as a strategy to help you promote them in various online sources. There are many factors that determine your ultimate ranking in Google, but having high-quality, original content on various subjects is one surefire way to build your site’s authority in Google’s assessment.

Engaging and fresh content is not only useful to your SEO efforts, it will improve your entire business’s performance in various aspects. Creating helpful content on the topics that concern your audience will have them returning to your website for more each time, and you will be the first name on their minds if they need to make a purchase.


Many business owners are yet to appreciate the true value of content marketing, which is why they consider it to be secondary when looking through viable SEO packages. If you are one of them, read on to understand exactly why you content should be at the TOP of your SEO campaign.

  1. Google rewards content

In the last two years, Google has made significant alterations to their desktop and mobile search algorithms. One such update, dubbed the Panda update, was specifically intended to demote poor quality and/or unoriginal content. Early last year Google patented a searching parameter christened ‘Knowledge-based trust’, which rates important facts within a piece of content against well-known facts stored in Google’s Knowledge Vault. Fewer false facts will correspond with higher rating for that content.

Everything Google has done these last two years has been to ensure that searchers are provided with factual, relevant, in-depth and high-quality content in their search results. Therefore, simply sticking keywords in shallow content won’t do the trick anymore. You site must be continually updated with relevant quality content. This should be part of all SEO packages you negotiate.

  1. Content drives traffic

You can use many methods to draw traffic to your site, but only high-quality content will keep your audience there, and have them return another time. Quality content is effective in driving traffic, especially when drafted in an engaging manner with helpful images and statistics that users can refer to when making decisions. Other sites will also link back to this information, increasing your quality inbound link profile and further improving your rankings in search. This is why your SEO packages provider makes effort to have good writers on their team.

  1. Content builds thought leadership

Even if you’re not ranking highly for a particular subject or niche, keep building your collection of high-quality relevant content. Google not only looks at a single webpage to assign credibility to your site; rather, many pages are separately assessed, and if you have a good number of backlinks and social signals the entire site is assigned credibility.

A good way for your SEO packages provider to go is to look at the questions asked by your audience through platforms like Quota and Yahoo answers. These can be starting points for in-depth, quality articles which address a specific need. You can link back to these articles on those platforms as well as share on your social profile to increase the number of views. Pretty soon, you’ll be considered a thought leader, not just by Google, but also by your audience, that will keep coming back to your site whenever they have a question.

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