Importance of a Bona Fide Occupational Requirement

Importance of a Bona Fide Occupational Requirement

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When it comes to the word bona fide occupational requirement, this can be simplified and it means a job description along with the listed requirements needed in order to qualify for a job. It is important for every company and as well as the online reputation management expert company to have a bona fide occupational requirement even if they are a small company who performs SEO and reverse SEO. You still need to have good and trusted candidates in order to get the job done. There is also reasonable accommodation which is the measures you can take to accommodate a worker who qualifies for the job in the environment they work in or will be working in.Image result for Importance of a Bona Fide Occupational Requirement

It is important for an organization to really take into account the bona fide occupational requirements when putting up the job description because this can lead to lawsuits against the firm from an applicant who did not get hired. An example of this would ne how a waitress with 10 years of experience passed the testing in the selection process then after the interview they found out she was in a wheelchair, they didn’t hire her then she found out a girl with only 2 years of experience got hired instead. She took her case to the Human Rights Commission saying she was discriminated because of her being in a wheelchair since she was qualified for the bona fide occupational requirements and she received $650,000 for her case. Instead of refusing a perfect candidate, the company could’ve simply reasonably accommodated her instead by lowering the tables and setting up ramps for people in wheelchairs in order for her to get around and be able to do her job properly. Another example for a school would be if your in a wheelchair, you can simply lower the chalk boards and install elevators if they have none in the school.

It is important for organizations to know this since it is all about working smart and being able to avoid lawsuits by applicants by really being able to specify the bona fide occupational requirements and be able to offer reasonable accommodation if needed.


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