HughesNet Gen 5 – A Great Rural Internet Option

HughesNet Gen 5 – A Great Rural Internet Option

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Rural and remote living is great! It’s beautiful, quiet, full of fresh air, lots of land and privacy, but everyone knows that there are not many high speed Internet options.Luckily technology has evolved greatly and rural and remote communities have better options than they used to. HughesNet satellite Internet has always been an option in rural areas, but it just got better with the launch of Gen 5!

HughesNet Speeds Doubled With The Launch Of Gen 5

The launch of Gen 5 has made HughesNet a better rural Internet choice than ever before. Now speeds have nearly doubled from 5-10Mbps to 25Mbps in every Internet package!  Plus, a Wi-Fi enabled modem comes with your Internet plan. So no more trying out multiple routers to make the most of your Internet speeds.

HughesNet Gen 5 Is Available Where You Are

HughesNet Internet is available anywhere in the continental United Stateseven where traditional DSL and cable providers are not. There is no dialing in or phone line required. HughesNet Gen 5 is much better than Gen 4. Literally no matter where you live within the continental US, you have the same Internet plans available to you than everywhere else. The launch of Gen 5 is available to everywhere, not very select locations like Gen 4 was.

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