How To Stop An Unresponsive Application In Mac OS X?

How To Stop An Unresponsive Application In Mac OS X?

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If you have an unresponsive in Windows, it’s easy to stop it by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del keys on your keyboard to launch Task Manager. In the Task Manager program, pick the program you want to close and then force it to stop.

However, if you are on a Mac computer, there is a bit different and need more steps than in the Windows operating system. Basically, there are two ways to force quit an application on your Mac OS X computer, by using Force Quit Applications feature or Activity Monitor.


The Force Quit Applications is a built-in feature of Mac OS X, which will allow you to force quit Mac application when it’s unresponsive. This is the easiest solution to close any running application on Mac. In order to launch this function, hit a combination key: Command + Options + Shift and Escape key. After pressing those keys, a small window will pop up, and allow you to select the application you want to quit. Simply choose the app and force it to quit.


You can also use Activity Monitor application to force close any program you want. It’s an application that similar the Task Manager in Windows, and you can call it as a Mac Task Manager application. Not like in the Windows OS, there is no direct combination key to call this Task Manager in Mac OS X. By that, you need to use another program called: Spotlight to call and launch it.

In order to launch Spotlight, press Command + Space keys. A Spotlight search box will appear. Simply type: Activity Monitor and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. The Activity Monitor program will be launched, allow you to select any program and force it to stop. With this Task Manager in Mac, you could view, monitor and track all running processes on your Mac computer, including how much CPU resources or RAMs that those processes use.

If a program has not responded to any of your action on Mac OS X, you can force it to stop by pressing and holding the “Shift” key on your keyboard, and then right-click on that application in the dock of your Mac desktop screen, select “Force Quit” to quit the program.

I hope this article will help you to learn how to force a program on Mac OS X to quit immediately, in case it’s not responding to your action. If you have any question about this article or Mac OS X, feel free to leave your comment below.

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