How to spy on text messages of any target phone

How to spy on text messages of any target phone

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Spying on text messages has become a popular way of spying on lovers, family members and close friends. Courts now accept text messages as evidence in civil and criminal proceedings. Though spying may negatively impact on relationships, it can be enlightening especially when a parent wants to get involved in his kid’s life. Note that cellphone privacy rights have to be adhered to, thus, the police have to obtain a warrant before searching a cellphone.

Towards this end, several apps have been invented. The Free Cell Phone Tracker is the most popular spying app available in the market. It is a paid monitoring app that enables the user to get information (text messages in this case) from the target gadget in real time. The Free Cell PhoneTracker is a pretty simple app that records all phone activities and does not need any technical expertise to handle it. Additionally, the app can distinguish between different mobile phones via IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This way, all data collected is uploaded to a website and is made available to the account signed up under that particular IMEI.

What the app does

While some apps can be easily detected by the owners of the target device, The Free Cell Phone Tracker makes the spying process as discreet as possible. The Free Cell Phone Tracker makes it impossible for the owner to recognize its operation or existence; it works in stealth mode that disables any other tool from detecting its functioning. The app also allows the user to monitor outgoing and received calls, URLs, texts, picture messages and even email services. Additionally, it has tracking options that use geo location data to update the user on the target’s location.


How to use the app

The user only has to install the app and enter the IMEI number to register. This way, the user can view SMS in real time, monitor the GPS location of the target device and obtain a record of browsing history. Once you install the app, you do not have to access the objective device anymore. All you have to do is log in to your account from the computer (any), and all the relevant data is reflected. Apart from apps, you may use other ways of spying on text messages like:

  • Scrolling through their phones when distracted or busy: however, you have to know their password and locks for it to work.
  • Ask to borrow the phone: if the person is guilty, he may take a significant amount of time to delete any incriminating evidence.
  • Checking the phone while the other person is sleeping: this option may be the last resort.

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