How to Attract Skilled IT Talent

How to Attract Skilled IT Talent

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No matter if you’re in the planning stages of starting up a new business, or a recruitment manager for an existing large corporation, the success of the company all boils down to your team. Attracting and maintaining skilled IT talent requires business owners to be innovative and utilise cutting edge technology. In our fast paced world, digital technologies such as mobile cloud computing, data analytics and social media networks are constantly changing. Therefore, business owners need to continuously stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technology in order to effectively capture skilled IT talent. Being perceived as an innovative company is an essential part of attracting skilled talent. This article will reveal several ways you can foster innovation and utilise technology in order to attract highly skilled IT-based individuals to work for your company.

A recent report by Robert Half, asked over 200 high-level employees to rank their business on a innovation scale of one to five, with one being not very innovative and five being highly innovative. The report revealed that on average individual’s ranked their companies at 3.36 out 5 on the scale. The same study also revealed at 81% of CIOs and CTO’s found a very strong link between the innovation of the company and its ability to attract highly skilled IT workers. Top level management staff believe that innovation breeds innovation, and helps to attract and retain highly skilled employees.

Four Ways to Foster Innovation

The report reveals four ways that companies are able to foster innovation. These include capturing ideas, creating a culture of innovation, and to staying up-to-date with modern technologies.

The first step of capturing ideas refers to the importance of developing well-defined strategies in order to put together ideas that will encourage more innovation amongst employees, which will lead to the business as being seen as more innovative.

Leaders must also try and cultivate a culture of innovation. This means that there must be clear framework in place which allows employees to express new ideas freely, as well as a strong support team which enables employees to implement their vision.

The third way the report lists to foster innovation is to develop the existing talent within an organisation. This can be done by promoting skills such as personal responsibility and visionary thinking. Many of these practices can be seen in high-profile tech businesses such as Google and Facebook.

The final step listed to foster more innovation in order to attract it talent, is to stay up-to-date with modern technologies. Data analytics and cloud technology enable companies to streamline their day-to-day running.

Shifting to a Greater Digital Focus

The report reveals that by 2018, businesses will require less than half the amount of business processing staff but require five times the amount of digital business roles. This shift towards a greater digital focus plays a huge role in a company’s ability to attract skilled IT talent. There are several ways to shift towards a greater digital focus, including by incorporating virtualisation, by streamlining business analytics and intelligence, and by using mobile solutions and application development.

When business owners nurture culture of innovation, they create a more innovative environment which is able to attract suitably skilled IT professionals. By recognising the value of innovation, businesses are not only able to provide better customer service, but they are also putting out a message to potential IT candidates that their business is a fun and innovative place to work.

When planning what new innovative features to adopt into your business, you may want to think outside of the box. Take a look at what some of the young Silicon Valley businesses are incorporating into their offices in order to make them more innovative. Import partners, hire outside help or solicit ideas from the existing employees in order to generate new ideas. For example, in October 2014 Microsoft got rid of compulsory attendance for all of its employees. This move put out a message to all employees that they are trusted by Microsoft, and in return Microsoft are rewarded with hard-working, productive and innovative employees.

The IT innovation report by Robert Half is available to download free of charge here. The report also features several case studies, and statistics and growth predictions that are beneficial for anyone working within the IT sector. Providing that you are taking the right steps to learn about new technologies, and developing an exciting work environment for existing employees, you’ll be more likely to attract high level IT talent to work on your team.

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