How Technology Makes a Fireplace Come to Life

How Technology Makes a Fireplace Come to Life

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Ever heard the crackling of wood or seen the burning embers glisten in the dark? It is a sight that mesmerizes and often soothes. Not many of us are privileged with the experience of a fireplace, well in the regions that have dear sunshine brightly on us. We have now proven ourselves a race that is fascinated with making things possible, through technology.

Gone are the days were black and white television ruled the roost; we have ever since gone past the color. Ours is a world of information, of quality of making things unattainable more real and lifelike. We now have an ethos of taking simple things like watching a movie to a whole experience of feeling like you are a part of it, by making it 3D and 4D.

Why do companies create 4k videos?


  • It creates a virtual sensation to make you feel like you are actually in that experience.
  • Videos that connect to the TV with such high definition as many as 4000 pixels horizontally.
  • These videos are crafted for the new age digital cinema and computer graphics.
  • The sound quality is mastered to the 5.1 surround sound, so powerful that the slow burning of wood and the sparkling of the flames can be heard.
  • Designed to be looped on UHD TVs and UHD SMART TVs, 4k screen savers are also available.
  • This is also created to help deviate from the otherwise captivating mainstream television programs.

The 4K Smart TV fireplace was created to build an experience that would take you to a level of comfort and solace in our otherwise busy stressful lives. There are many themes for example aquariums and other sceneries are popular. Through the clarity of the video the experience is built to stir a feeling of comfort, to encourage bonding, and to find peace. These videos are viewed better on 4K UHD Smart TVs in dark rooms.

Through the video of the fireplace you can make your house feel warmer by playing it on loop or saving it as a screen saver. It heightens the mood of a festival like Christmas or a season by simply transporting you to places. You can further enhance the ambience by playing music. Now these videos are possible through media players, or streaming devices like Google Chrome cast and Apple TV. Yes, technology is bringing things to life and 4K Smart TV fireplace just does that with style.

Author Box:

Kevin Payne sheds light on the changing trends in smart TVs and the viewing experience. He specifically talks about the innovative aspect of 4K Smart TV fireplace which offers more than just viewing experience.

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