How Often Should My Company Post On Social Media?

How Often Should My Company Post On Social Media?

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Social media is a great tool for your business. It means that you can engage with customers, promote your brand cheaply, and create shareable, interesting content that clients will love. However, there is an art to it, and it’s important to use social media the right way. One thing that customers should think about is how often they post, prioritising quality over quantity, and different platforms have their own algorithms for getting the best results. Here are some things to consider when planning your social media strategy.

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Facebook users only see a certain amount of content posted, as algorithms have been put in place to display the most relevant content on their wall. Therefore, posting too much can mean your content isn’t displayed, and even big brands tend to limit the number of posts they put on Facebook. It’s important to get a free inbound marketing consultation when planning your Facebook posts, as all elements of your marketing need to work together, and there are ways to make the most out of each of your posts.

Facebook social media strategy

Facebook posts can include:

  • Videos or images
  • Sharing news or relevant content
  • Updating customers on changes to your business
  • Promoting seasonal goods

However, it’s important not to add too many posts, as this can overwhelm people, and may mean they don’t see all your posts on their wall. One to two posts a day is ideal, and if you use a content marketing agency, they can make the most of these short posts to get as much inbound traffic to your site as possible.

Remember that the frequency of posts on weekdays and weekends should also be different. Most companies post less at weekends, as there’s often a less captive audience while people are out and about.

trategy Facebook posts


Tweets are great ways to engage with customers, but they are very short, and it can be difficult to get attention to your content. Tweets also have a very short lifespan, as they tend to get pushed down the feed in a short amount of time, so unless customers go looking for them, they are easily ignored. Regular use of Twitter will keep your brand visible, but customers soon get annoyed by too many posts. Research shows that spreading out your tweets and aiming for four to seven a day is usually best, and a good content agency will help you make the most of each short, snappy tweet.

There are many social networks out there, and any strategy you come up with needs to take each one of them into account. They each have their own unspoken rules, and require different frequencies and types of posting to be effective. It’s best to deal with an agency who can write the best content for each network, and offer management and monitoring for your brand, helping you make the most of this valuable resource.

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