How Murphy Ben International Found Success Online

How Murphy Ben International Found Success Online

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In just three years, Nigerian based company Murphy Ben International has grown so rapidly, it  has become YouTube’s most streaming African partner as well as developed and helped develop over 4 subsidiary web services. This wholly online business owns websites that are completely customer oriented in fields like online shopping malls, digital TV and the distribution and showcasing of African content as well as e-learning sites, and a website development web service.


Murphy Anawana, president of Murphy Ben International understands the importance of diversifying a company and investing money and time into multiple different sectors to remain competitive. A diverse organization is one that values the difference in employees, interest, and in a money-making organization, values the trends and difference in markets. More importantly, Murphy Anawana recognizes that people are the most important asset of a company, internally and externally. This is why he makes sure to treat his employees with respect so Murphy Ben International can succeed in the global marketplace.

For those reasons, Murphy Ben International has a motto for their employees to do their work by: “Be Ur Boss”. This free rein way of working creates a positive effect on job appreciation for employees and makes for high moral within and outside the company walls. By being their own boss, employees can take initiative, let their mind take its own path, and be innovative with no guidelines. Often times, guidelines will restrict creativity. Lastly, by handing over the initiative to the employee, Murphy Ben International trusts the employee. Actions that symbolize trust will build a healthy relationship between management and subordinates.

Murphy Ben International intends on continuing to build on the relationships they have while expanding their network and building new ones. A broader network will help the company invest in new fields to ultimately remain a diverse company.

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