How do you know whether your local SEO company is making false promises?

How do you know whether your local SEO company is making false promises?

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SEO companies are notorious for their empty promises. They promise top ten results in Google and you rush to signup with that company because they also charged you a very little fee for ranking your website. When it comes to results, the story takes a totally different turn. The same is applicable for your local SEO company. You think you have found the best local SEO company but until you have experienced the services of your SEO company, you could never be sure.

Here are a few telltale signs that you are with the wrong company. Firstly, they promise you results within a very short time. They will promise to get you top ten listings in a week’s time or even shorter. If it were to be that easy to get top ten listings, then why should it be such a great struggle for website owners to get to top ten position? If they are promising to get you to top ten listings within a week then they are making a false promise or if they get you to that position as promised then they are using some shady practices to achieve that. Either way, it is not good. It is best to stay away from such companies.


Anyone that understands how search engines work will know that it is not possible to get results that fast. Search engines have their own mechanisms and indexing cycle. These processes take time and it is not possible to speed up those processes.

The next important factor to be taken into account is that, the strategies used do not put you in a risky position. Google is very strict with any malicious ranking approach. If your local SEO service provider is suggesting any link schemes or other unwarranted procedures then it is not going to get you too far in terms of your ranking. Whatever ranking that you achieve through such strategies will not let you enjoy top ranking for a sustained period. Google continually upgrades its ranking algorithm. If the SEO strategies used for getting listed for the local searches are not going to be Google friendly then it is going to affect your website’s reputation with Google. Once your website is marked for manipulative strategies by Google then it is not possible for you to reach the top of the search results for both general search as well as for local searches.

When you are hiring your SEO company take time to read customer reviews. This will help you get a better picture on the quality of the service providers. As SEO requirements are of ongoing nature, you will need to make certain that you identify the best service provider right at the first time so that you need not have to worry each time you need support from your SEO company. This is not something that you could overlook because the overall success of your website depends on the choices you make here.

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