How can a CRM with social suite help your business?

How can a CRM with social suite help your business?

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In the past, the traditional customer relationship management are keen at collecting and managing static customer’s data which includes past purchase information, contact history and customer’s demographics. All these are mostly sourced then from email and phone interactions and commonly limited to direct interactions between the business owners and their customers.

But now the inclusion of the social suites has added a deeper layer of information onto the traditional CRM by including the data derived from social media like Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn to mention but a few where users share their information publicly. The main aim of social CRM is the ability for business owners and companies to interact with customers in a multi -channel retailing environment.

CRM with social suite help customers to gather customer’s social influence and obtain data from conversations occurring outside of formal direct communication.In this article I will share how this will help to manage your brand. CRM under social suite has placed business owner and customer’s right at the heart of the organization.

No more compelling the customer to use the channel you want,no more losing track on the issue at discussion.You can now engage your customers and respond in a way they choose without compromising your potential to track and manage communication on global scale.

  1. It makes you to focus on your business. CRM enable you to manage your business relationships with the customers and grow your business. It goes beyond customers by allowing you to focus on your organizations relationship with all manner of people, colleague, suppliers, and service users. One can easily ask, how does this happen? At the fundamental level, a CRM system gives a central place where customer and prospect contact information are stored and shared. With a CRM in place, every questions, every service request and all past contacts are at your fingertips.Byunder standing your customers better in your business,both cross and up selling opportunities become clear,thereby giving you the chance and opportunities to win new business from existing customers.
  2. Creating effective advertisement. With the latest trend in CRM, it help the marketing crew to identify the right places to place an advertisement by obtaining detailed information on the customers unlike the traditional CRM.
  3. Improves customer service. This helps in analyzing customer’s buying pattern during the life style of a product. The new products and services can easily be promoted to the existing customers in order to keep them to the brand. This promotes the chances of retaining your customers.It has been proven that the business which nurtures their relationship with their existing customers are in a better chance to create a favorable image on their mind and earn themselves brand loyalty.Customers are easily segmented with their needs identified and due to the fact that the status of a company relationship with their customers are correctly tracked,companies now interact with them meaningfully at the accurate time,leading to faster sales and better customer retention and satisfaction.
  4. Marketing. This assist the marketing managers by helping them identify customer’s latest buying trends and behavior while making tools available for managing campaign. Email management campaign and social suite monitoring provide assistance in executing social marketing strategy.
  5. Increased accountability. When a company lags in the tools to manage her customer’s relationships, the customers are bound to fall through that weakness.CRM with social suite has helped to ensure that this does not occur by adding a layer of accountability to the customer relationship management even at small business CRMprocess. A good implemented CRM system aid employee across different departments to understand their responsibilities to customers throughout the customer cycle and those times the responsibilities were not met. With good CRM it is easy to point out what went wrong, where it went wrong and how to fix it so that it does not happen again. By keeping all these your companies will keep to their brand.
  6. Improved collaborations. With improved system in CRM, companies have shifted from old tools like spreadsheets that is entirely filled with functional pitfalls in varieties of areas.One of the greatest collaboration which is felt in even small business CRM is that the entire customer cycle isspecifically too complex to be controlled effectively by a person.This enhanced CRM platform now allow employees in different departments to manage their customer’s relationship more effectively and see the big picture all the time.
  7. Improved efficiency. A descent implemented CRM system like in social suite will replace the manual processes which creates a significant inefficiency to an organization.This system does not just create efficiency by reducing the use of inefficient processes but by its integration with other systems which includes marketing automation tools. This efficiency of CRM now permits companies to interact with customers in such a way that they wouldn’t have the resources to otherwise.

In conclusion the integration of social suite with customer relationship management strategies is the outcome for organization that want to perfect the power of social interaction to get more closer to their customers. With the current exposure of the world to social media usage, businesses are now having extreme pressure to be where their customers are.

Companies that adjusted to this need of getting closer to their customers now facilitates increased revenue,cost reduction and efficiency.Businesses are welcoming social media not only to build a virtual communities but to make innovative social commerce programs and improve customer care.

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